My Baby Girl

Having a little girl is so much fun. She is much more gentle, cuddly, calm, smiley and just plain squishy than Jake ever was. She also laughs and giggles constantly. I love that. Jacob was always soo intense, which is funny to me because he is such a crack up now.

But what I love the most about my little girl is that she is sooo me! It’s amazing! I never thought I would have a little girl with my white{ok, maybe translucent! :)} skin and my colored eyes, especially with Brandon’s genes. When I look into Evelyn’s eyes, it’s like looking into a mirror. Kinda creepy actually.

Another thing about Evy is that she is so strong. Almost stronger than Jake was, which I thought would have been impossible. Jake rolled over at 5 months, Evy at 3 1/2. Jake sat up at 6 months, Evy at 5. It will be interesting to see when she crawls and walks – dear Lord, I hope she doesn’t beat Jake there, he walked at 8 months!! šŸ˜¦

Anyway, here is my precious girl sitting up unassisted. Isn’t she beautiful?

And here she is doing what she does best, laughing at Mommy.



3 thoughts on “My Baby Girl

  1. She is so beautiful! And, what a big girl sitting up like she does!Love her little outfit! Time to go fall clothes shopping here – it is cold! What is she going to be for Halloween? Kyan is going to be a skeleton and Lola, no clue – I can't find anything that I love, off to Old Navy tonight, there costumes are warm!

  2. Jeni, that is so funny, I have the phone book out to call old navy right now and find a costume for the kids. šŸ˜¦ I'm a bad mom, I've completely forgotten! Evy's outfit is from Target!! 2.99 each peice! love love Target, get all the playclothes there. I actually was a bit embarassed to put this pick up cause I thought she looked a little unkept in her everyday clothes hehe… šŸ™‚

  3. What a precious little punkin'!! I have dark hair and eyes and my little man is blue eyed and blonde. Go figure. Apparently my husband's Swedish genes were stronger than my Italian ones. Ah ha

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