Crazy Weekend…AGAIN?!?

Well, I guess I have another confession to make:

Our weekends are crazy. Insane. Really, really out of control.

Today, as I was sitting down to think of a title for this post, I realized I refer to our weekends as “crazy” on a weekly basis. But you know what? It’s the truth! The thought kept going through my mind…how in the world do we pack so much in two or three measly little days?? It’s amazing! When we were newly married with no kids, I remember spending all day Saturday in our PJ’s just doing nothing, eating, sleeping, reading, just hanging out. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the last weekend we were able to do that. 😦

I would really love to know, am I the only person who feels like their weekends are constantly full?

ANYWAY, we are definitely a busy family!  This weekend, on top of Halloween on Saturday, the kids and I drove to Santa Rosa to be at Heidi’s baby shower on Sunday afternoon. It was so fun to be there and help prepare Heidi for baby Jude’s arrival. While Evy and I were at the shower, Jake went to Chuckie Cheese with Chad, Joshua, Emma Love, Uncle Kris, Gilbert Thompson, and Mikey. Jake came back saying the following:

“My dad is a mouse and my mom is a duck.” Thanks to Uncle Kris snapping a pic on his phone, apparently this is what he meant:

Too funny!

Here’s a couple of pictures from the shower….It was so hot and we were packed in a house with 60 people, so excuse our very tired appearance, but I LOVE Evy in these pictures!

Mindy on the left, her twins Isabella and Sophia {they are 4 months older than Evy}, me and Evelyn, and Heidi.

Me and my girl

My mom and Evy

We spent the night at Mumsy and Gramps on Sunday. This is Jake on my bedroom porch Monday morning. Aren’t the leaves in the Wine Country beautiful at this time of year?

And we were able to spend a few minutes with my sister and her kids on Monday. Here is Jake with cousin Brookie on the rope swing at my sisters. He’s wearing part of his Halloween costume which he hasn’t taken off for days, bless his heart.

In closing, last week I ordered the following from Canton Box Company. I was so excited. I had seen a larger print in the SF Shabby Chic store last year and wanted one so badly, but the price tag was just too high. Brandon complained over and over about spending the money on this one, and he is right- it was overpriced for a computer printout, but I just LOVE the quote. Here it is in my kitchen:

I placed right next to my “reminder that I can’t ask if I’m fat” lady and the beautiful plate my mom got me last time she was in Paris. It really sums up my life, I think. No matter how crazy and hectic my weekends get…gotta keep calm…and carry on!



4 thoughts on “Crazy Weekend…AGAIN?!?

  1. we are so busy on the weekends too! now especially with trying to start up the whole photography thing, that is when i can "shoot" people! working on my website, so will keep you updated on that one! Thanks for the encouragement!on another note, love the pictures of you with your little girl! so precious! and your mom, what a knockout!

  2. Super busy..crazy…weekends are exactly what my life has become! We keep saying that things are going to calm down, but alas I think we pack even more into our weekends now that the kids are getting older than we ever have before. I think I am going to do a post about what this coming weekend (and most weekends) look like at my house…so stay tuned:)The one thing I will say is that although I would LOVE to have one or two weekends to lounge all day; I am really enjoying all of the amazing things my kids are able to do and see on our busy weekends! Since I work full time the weekends are really our family time:) thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your wonderful (and might I add beautiful) family with me!! It is so evident the amount of love and care you give your family and it is wonderful to "watch"

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