Five Years…

On Friday, November 6, Brandon and I have been married five years.

And what a wonderful five years they have been. Here we are goofing off with our wedding party. We had such a great time that day…

…And we haven’t stopped laughing since!

To celebrate our five year milestone, Brandon went all out. Really, he did. I was so surprised and blown away. He has been saving for months to take us to Carmel-By-The-Sea for an evening and a day of pampering. It was UNBELIEVABLE. I have no other words to describe it.

Our hotel, La Playa, is the only hotel off Ocean Ave that overlooks the ocean. He got us the best room that had ocean views. Just stunning. Then he ordered us 5 star meals that were served to our room and treated me to spa treatments on Saturday morning. He also gave me a little box engraved with our names and 5 year anniversary on it, with a clock and picture of us inside {5 years is wood and clocks gifts, FYI 🙂 }.

The only bummer about the whole trip was :

Yes, that’s our beautiful girl Evelyn, who had to come with us or else stay at home and starve. And that’s pretty much where she planted herself most of the time since she refused to sleep through the night in a strange place. UGH. But other than that little bump in the road, the trip was fantastic.
Here we are in front of our hotel. This isn’t a great picture of us- we look a little plumped thanks to all the food we had been eating. And we were also very frustrated a very loud and obnoxious man who parked his Lexus right in front as we were taking this picture. Who cares if he turned out to be city counsel member?
Views from our window… I actually watched a wedding ceremony take place in the courtyard, which I was so excited about…it lasted 5 minutes, no joke. How in the world does a wedding last five minutes?? Anway, our view…
Us in the lobby. The hotel was orginially a mansion built by Christopher Jorgensen for his bride, the daughter of the Ghirardelli’s. The details were so beautiful! I love this picture. Only wish Jake was there, then I could have used it for Christmas cards…

Me and my girl. Must frame this one…

One very cool part about our trip was this house. This is the vacation home of my dad’s business partner, Al Landi, a very good family friend, who was also present at our wedding. My parents spent their honeymoon at this home.

If you have never been to Carmel, this candy shop epitomizes it. So quaint and storybook-ish. Brandon here chowing down on his ice cream.

We missed our little man! We brought him home a ginerbread man, complete with eyeballs, frosting pants and m&m buttons. He LOVED it. Here he is bitting off the arm, which he thought was so cool.

I love you, Babe! Thanks for such a beautiful anniversary. Looking forward to many, many more years together.



4 thoughts on “Five Years…

  1. I love the pic from your wedding day! So cute. And I'm glad Evy was doing her job; ask me if you want to know what it was 😉 SoShawna

  2. I LOVE Carmel, it's where Jake & I had our first date. :))Happy anniversary, looks like you had a lot of fun even with the little muffin Evy.

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