Beautiful Girl

How precious is my little baby love? Here she is wearing Target sale items with a Lou and Lee headband. Gotta love Target!

This little girl is such a blessing! She smiles constantly, laughs at everything, and is such a calm spirit. I am so thankful, as God knew I couldn’t handle another go-getter! I love you Evelyn!

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Girl

  1. The funny thing about this entry is that it is very short. I mean, what can be said about Evy, except that she is beautiful and sweet and….NOT JAKE! Ha…he gets pages of dramatic entries, pics, and comments and she gets this one little nice entry, probably because Jake was demanding your attention and you didn't have time to write more about her…right? These sweet little girls; with terroristic older brothers demanding so much of their mommie's time that it makes them seem even more like cherubic angels.

  2. I know sosh there is really nothing to say about her other than she is an angel…but you know she really cries a lot more than Jake..ha. I guess that's one negative for her hehe.

  3. She could not be any cuter! I think finding items on sale makes them more precious. :o) I am sure you will have plenty to blog about all of the genius/sarcastic comments she makes in reference to Jake's actions in the future…

  4. ohhh adorable! I love the Lou & Lee girls, they make super cute stuff! And that coat!?!?, I love the color and ruffles, I would totally wear it!

  5. Anon- She is a smiler, she sees the camera and just smiles!Cheryl- Yes 😦 It got stolen, actually, cause the mail carrier did deliver it. But the seller was sooo kind to make another one! Great people. Audrey, you are so right, I was just thinking that this morning, she will probably have lots to say in response to Jake haha. Already she gives him the funniest looks when he's "doing his thing" ha.Jen- I love that jacket too.Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  6. Target is amazing. Their baby clothes are so inexpensive and cute! I loooooove their Circo sleepers. I wish the dude wasn't too big for them now! LOVE the headband!

  7. OMW- Ijust noticed I put "clam" spirit..haha… She's calm, not clam. sheesh lack of sleep over here.jenni, you'll have to try out lou and lee for lola. Very cute stuff.Kristin, Target sleepers are the best ever and for under $5…can't beat that! πŸ™‚

  8. Now she and Scout have matching leggings!. I love those, they really go with so much. I miss that precious girl. Love, love love her! Auntie

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