Santa Has Come!

Well, ok, not really….

Mom and Dad just worked really hard, that’s all. And we are pretty much done with the kids gifts! They are wrapped and under the tree. Dear Lord, will they last for one more week? It will be very interesting to see how Jake does with the suspense until Christmas. I wonder if these gifts will STAY wrapped? ha!

And here is our little Santa. Oh I love this kid! Last night after his shower and just before bed, he pulled up his little Cars chair, untied his horses bow to make “reins” and said, “Look at me, I’m Santa!” except his “look it” sounds like “book it”…which we love and think is so cute!

So tell me, do you put your gifts out before Christmas, or on Christmas Eve, and if you put them out, how do they fare?



9 thoughts on “Santa Has Come!

  1. Hi Amy! I chanced upon your blog from BonBon Rose. I have kids too but they are teenagers now so i don't worry about the gifts being opened anymore. But back when they were kids, that was the problem. So what I did was I don't write their names on their gifts. That way, they don't know if the gifts are for them.

  2. I put them under the tree when I get them. Of course, I have a gate that goes around my tree….for protection! LOL…. Merry Christmas!

  3. We have all our gifts under the tree. The boys love to look and see which ones are theirs. Of course we have to make they have an equal number of presents. They still don't understand value vs. quantity. We also open our gifts on Christmas Eve. It was a tradition in both our families growing up….that way, we get to sleep in on Christmas morning (in theory). Christmas is fun 🙂

  4. we wrap presents on and put them under the tree to be opened on christmas eve and then santa comes that night and leaves one BIG present for each kid unwrapped for christmas morning! when they wake up they rush to the tree to see what santa has left for them! somehow every year santa still finds a way to sneak a present in for chad and myself! don't know how he does it – but he does!

  5. is that the cutest photo~~~ it'll be a great one to pull out when his first serious girlfriend is talking about what a MAN he is!!

  6. Well everyone, the gifts have made it through their first day untouched! ha. He didn't even notice them until later this afternoon, at which point he sat and stared {like your kids nicole!} and told me which ones were for him and which ones were for Evy {he has no clue really, he just guessed. :)} It's actually really cute and it's helping understand the whole "gift" thing. So maybe next year I will try your AWESOME idea, Jenni!! I love it!!And Tabitha…you have a blog!! You need to start updating! 🙂

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