So What Do You Think? {and a GIVEAWAY}

Well, my dear blog friends, I need your help.
If you have been following this blog the last couple of months, you will remember this post.
I guess I am going to have to say it eventually, so here goes: “Amy, EAT YOUR WORDS”. Ugh.
You see, right after that post, my mom in law and I pulled out Mumsy’s sewing machine to make Jake’s awesome knight costume {see it here}. About 2 mins into it, the machine made a loud POP and then pieces when flying, literally. The poor thing died. So I picked up the pieces put them in a baggie and rushed it to the Singer store, which sells Pfaffs.
It was going to cost at least $125 for a repair, and there was no gaurantee it would work since the poor thing was ancient.
So I did what any responisble girl would do…. I bought a new one, ha!
Well, I’ve been using that little puppy non-stop, and you know what? I’m a pretty decent sewer! First I made some bags from Evelyn Fields which turned out awesome and was a great starter project.  Then our Florida trip came up and I was DESPERATE for some new hoodies from Anthropologie, but my budget was like NOTHING. Seriously, the hoodies I wanted would have taken our entire trip spending $. That was a BIG NO.
So I got creative, thanks to inspiration from this blog. I dug out three old hoodies from my closet and with about $25 worth of material from Joann’s, I made these:

They turned out cute, I thought. And I guess I wasn’t the only one ’cause I got gobs of compliments in Florida and my nieces BEGGED me for their own. So I made them these for Christmas. If you can’t tell by the smiles, they couldn’t have been happier:
And then my sis-in-law, Brittony, brought me an old favorite hoodie she had and asked me if I could dress it up and it give it to her for Christmas. It came out like this {sorry bad pic, I know}. Again, huge hit:
And all this got me thinking.
As the world knows, Stockton has been the hardest hit in the economy bust, and our little fence company, where we get half of our income, has really suffered. We have been pinching pennies to get by…maybe these hoodies are a way for me to help contribute?
So I am toying with starting an Etsy shop. I came up with four designs- a spin off of the original ones I made. Let me clarify- I do NOT make the hoodies, just embellish them. Here they are:
The Rainbow
This one is just like the first Rainbow hoodie I made, but I used matte jersey instead of felt. I really liked the felt look much better, but it balled way too much, as you can see in the picture above {and this was after the fuzz buster}, so I felt matte jersey still has that fun look, but won’t lose it’s lustre so quickly. This hoodie is very simple, with the rainbow only, and nothing else on the hood or pockets.

The Hoot
This is the exact pattern I made for my nieces, based of my first try at it for the Flordia trip. Instead of the blue ruffle around the hood, I used eyelet, mainly because the blue ruffle was hard to find and very pricey. The eyes are gold/orange felt, the nose brown felt, and the backing for wings felt as well. The rest is jersey knit with button eyes. It’s a very simple hoodie and seems to be very popu
lar with the teens. 🙂

The Whimsy
This one I came up when I found this awesome matte jersey knit material. I loved the colors together and I LOVE ruffles- very Anthro. It has brightly colored thread and a grograin ribbon as the tie for the hoodie.

The Brilla
Named after my sis in law, this was the exact design I made for her, but with a zip up. It has polka dot ruffles along the hood, with coordinating double pocket ruffles, and a felt and jersey flower. It is finished with brightly colored thread, this one is candy apple green.

I love all these designs and I have had so much fun making them. And I do have some more designs up my sleeve, and some for kids and men as well. But I do have some concerns about selling. The main ones are:
1. Cost. The hoodies cost around $20 to make, even if I use wholesale hoodies. My time put into them is at least an hour, sometimes two for the more involved ones, so they would cost at least $40. But that IS how much I would pay for a hoodie at Anthro and these are unique and homemade so maybe that makes it worth it?
2. Washing. Due to the fragile nature of the embellishments, they would have to be washed on cold cycle and hang dried. Not really a problem in my book, but maybe in others?
3. In Stock Only. I would not be able to do made to order. Since I will be making these during nap times and at night, I wouldn’t be able to gaurentee certain items. I would only offer what I have made and ready to go. Also, material is limited in some patterns, so I might have to change the materials up a bit, so again, it would be easier to offer only what I have.

4. Are they cute enough? {My insecurity kicking in here, ha!} Do I really have the time/energy to do this? {I know, I’m the only one able to answer this. :)}

HELP! and a giveaway…. 🙂
I am very interested to know what you think about all of this. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts, along with your name and email address, and as a thank you for your time, you will be entered into a drawing for your own custom hoodie. I have sizes XS – XXL in colors green, pink, black and a light grey {not the same grey as in the whimsy, it’s lighter}. I do not have every size in every color.
If you win, you pick your size/color combo and the design you want.
Color of material for embellishments might change some depending on the color of the hoodie you pick.
***If you live out of town, I will ship it to you, so out of towners are welcome to enter***
To increase your chances:
1. Become a public follower of this blog – 1 extra entry
2. Tweet/blog/facebook this link – 1 extra entry
Please leave a comment for each extra you do.
And remember, you DO NOT have to have a google account to comment. You can comment using the anonymous option, just make sure you leave your name and email address.
The giveaway will close on Thursday, January 7th at 11:59PM, CA time. I’ll announce the winner on Friday, January 8th.
THANK YOU so much for your help, I really appreciate your thoughts!

**Giveaway is CLOSED**


117 thoughts on “So What Do You Think? {and a GIVEAWAY}

  1. I think you have done an awesome job. I love,love,love the hoodies. The price is good for something this cute, definitely worth it. Not a problem with the washing requirements either, I would just make sure you note it when you sell them (you probably know that already). Not a problem with only in stock orders either. Although I do believe you might have a hard time keeping up you orders. They are just that cute. Are they cute enough….my word yes. I want one!!! Have you considered taking them to market to see if a retailer or vendor would pick them up. Just a thought! What ever you decide to do I hope all goes well for you. I completely understand your position. Since we moved to the Northwest we too have to "pinch our pennies". I wish you luck and God's blessing.

  2. Ok. So I totally thought I had already left a post here, but apparently it didn't go through. With that said….I LOVE THESE! Seriously, you are just too awesome for words. I absolutely want one! (Hoping I'm going to be the winner!) ;)I've already posted a link on FB and of course I am already a follower. The price and everything seems right on if you ask me. Great idea girl!!

  3. wow Amy you are really good! I LOVE the 'Whimsy' it's fabulous! They are all cute and totally worth having to wash and hang dry!Summer

  4. Wow! I am amazed! I haven't been on your blog in a while and than I remembered that you wanted to try you hand at sewing so I decided to see what you were up to…I did not expect this!! Your hoodies are super cute and orginal! 🙂 I love the ruffle ones and the hoot:) I admire how you have just jumped right into this!! Your amazing! I've been wanting to open up an Etsy shop for 9 months now and still haven't gotten around to it! Goodness! Well, keep it up girl and I look forward to seeing what transpires here!!P.S. I'm a follower:)

  5. I am SO excited for you! LOVE love LOVE the hoodies, and I wear hoodies quite often, so this is right up my alley:) What a great little business you are going to create, and I know that you will be very successful in your endeavors! Congrats and good luck…

  6. Great Job Amy! Sorry it took me so long to check them out…trying to get unpacked and get all of my Christmas stuff put away =) It was great to see you all! Love ya…Good luck with your new adventure

  7. Amy~ you should be so proud of yourself! I think these will be a huge hit! Us ladies love the boutique, one of a kind items! I don't see anyone having issues with the care…most cute clothes require special care 😉 You have some great ideas…go crazy girl…the sky is the limit!!! Melissa M.

  8. Oh, I love them! If you do set up an Etsy store, please send me an email, I'd love a hoodie!Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Hey Amy, I dont' know if you've drawn yet, so don't know if my name gets in, but the hoodies ARE really cute. Very original and fun and practical at the same time. If you don't get too sick of them, go ahead and try to sell them. You can also post on craigslist and ebay…just a thought. Have fun! April Cooke

  10. The sweaters are adorable and unique. I love the Brilla & Whimsy and would totally pay 40-50 bucks for

  11. My Goodness Amy… These are sooo totally cute! I definately need a new hoodie… Mine is at least 12 years old and I think it could use an upgrade, or a friend… =D My computer is so slow that it took me forever to get myself uploaded as a follower… But I did it for you!!! 2 points for me… I'll try to add you to FB before the time is up! Love you tons! Great Job!!!Amy Wheeler Tallahassee,

  12. Ok, I posted a link on my blog, FB and Twitter. And I've been a follower since day one or two on your blog. hehe SO, that gives me several points. And you've got my email, phone and snail mail, so I think you know how to get in touch if I win. 🙂

  13. OH.MY.LANTA!!!!These are awesome!And I lov ehte idea of toddler sizes too. and you could do boys and girls (as a mom to a toddler boy, I will openly admit how difficult it is to find anything "custom made-ish" for a boy (unless you want him to wear a sailor outfit or something, which i don't).LOVE IT!love the rainbow and the whimsy!!!and i'm a new follower!(i'm not going to post my email address, but i do have the feature where you can reply to my comments enabled.)again.. AWESOME! (and i love Anthtro but am waaaaayyyy too cheap to shop there these days.)

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