What Was I Thinking?!?

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See that picture…well I am ashamed to say that this is my home. But it is. It seems that hoodies have exploded from the fireplace or something. And notice that the Christmas tree is still up and the bins waiting to be filled with ornaments? Uh, yeah, due to all the hoodie excitement I have yet to take it down which means I did NOT get the tree out on the street yesterday, which in turn means that my tree did NOT get picked up this morning with the trash…ugh! My friends and neighbors are saying there will be another pickup next week. Let’s hope so, otherwise you might see that baby floating down the Delta.
Honestly, I am so shocked! Shocked and stunned really, and a tad bit overwhelmed by the response I have recieved about these hoodies. More comments than I could have ever imangined, lots of email and facebook inquiries and over 1,000 hits on this site in a little less than 48 hours! That is amazing to me.
To be honest, however, it really, really stressed me out.
Since I wasn’t expecting such a response, I was not really prepared for all of this. In my mind, I was thinking that I would SLOWLY be able to open an etsy shop and sell a couple a pieces at a time. I quickly realized that would not be happening when on Sunday alone I recieved 5 hoodie order/requests! Seriously, what WAS I thinking?!?
So what am I going to do? Well, after stressing over it for the last day or two {yes, I’m a major stresser, yuck!}, and after I went back and forth with the etsy shop thing, I feel I have come up with a plan that works with my lifestyle. One that I feel good about. After a couple days of thinking and thinking {I feel like Winnie the Pooh!}, and lots of praying, I am so glad to say this plan brings me peace of mind.
If you aren’t familiar with my blog, that’s my baby boy, Jacob- helping me make dinner tonight. He will be three next week. I have been so busy with the hoodies that I haven’t even planned his birthday party, which was my big goal this weekend {so that’s why nobody’s been invited, just an FYI to all our friends haha}.
I hate that.
So tonight, I realized that I cannot let myself drown in Hoodie Heaven {I’ve been calling it something much worse, but I’m being polite here, ha}. I made a sacrifice several years ago to stay home with my kids, and that means I can’t be spending all day sewing hoodies-my kids come first. But I CAN make a couple here and there during naptime, and I CAN come up with some fun designs, on my own time.
So here’s the plan:
I will be releasing twice a month a grouping {size XS-XXL} of a LIMITED hoodie design. I will most likely only have one hoodie in each size. I am hoping to also release a children’s gouping to match each design…the children’s sizes will depend on the availability from the wholesalers. Once the design is sold out, I will not gaurantee I will ever make that design again.
I will be releasing the hoodies via a paypal link that will be on the right margin {hopefully!} of this blog. A couple days before I put up the link I will post a blog post with the style and the sizes available, as well as size measurements so you know what size will fit you. I will leave the paypal link up as long as there are hoodies available.
This weekend I will be realeasing The Brilla…
And again, I only have one hoodie in each size. The price on this one will more than likely be $40-$45 {still figuring out my cost and profit margin, sorry!} and shipping fee will be extra and added to your final payment.
All of my hoodies that I have right now are Target Mossimo brand. Once I finish selling these I will be using a wholesaler and have MY OWN TAG {so excited about that} in them. 🙂 Anyway, the next couple grouping of hoodies that I release will be the Target brand, and so I will offer at a the $40 range. Once I sell out of those, the price will raise to $50-$60 range, depending on the style. If this type of selling does not work, becomes too much for me or maybe its not enough exposure, then I will go back to the drawing board. Etsy might be in the future after all, who knows?
Is this making any sense?
I feel soooo good about this, and I have to say, I AM THRILLED!! I am having so much fun designing these and its been such a blast see everyone enjoy them as much as I do. I have some great designs planned. One in particular is a navy blue hoodie with navy ruffles, ribbon and vintage buttons…ohhh! 🙂
Anyway, I want to say a great, big THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed with m
e, commented, emailed, posted the link to facebook, tweeted or blogged about this. Especially Jenni, who wrote THIS sweet blog post about me and the hoodies. Really, if you don’t know Jenni, you should, she is awesome! Go check her blog out! And thanks to Sarah for coming over tonight and helping me brainstorm! 🙂
In closing, I really want you to know how glad I am that you are here and joining in on this journey with me. I plan on continuing to do hoodie giveaways, so make sure you are following along. 🙂
Thank you so much again, and I hope you all have a wonderful night.
oh yes… if you haven’t entered into the giveaway, please do! It’s for everyone, people I have never met and good friends alike. I would like for everyone to have a chance! Click here to enter. And if you haven’t blogged/tweeted/facebooked it yet, please feel free to do so, just come back and let me know so I can give you an extra entry.
Lots of love!

8 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?!?

  1. awwwwwwwww Amy, I totally feel your pain! In the beginning, it is soooo overwhelming & exciting, and with all the ideas on what you want to do, designs you have in mind, a customer base that has formed w/o even selling a single thing, its crazy!3+yrs ago, when I opened my big mouth about starting to make/sell bows, it was wildfire! haha I had orders pouring in w/o even advertising, which btw, were not near what they now look like! eek!, (embarassed to say that I charged money for those things! lol) but my new biz just took off…that is going to be it for you, you are going to do very well with this, and you'll find a happy medium with balancing everything…you are a mother first, and those babies come before anyone else…good luck to it all, know that I am here for you anytime you'd like to talk, trust me, a lot of what you are going thru, feeling, frusterated about, its a total btdt (been there, done that) with me…it takes some time to get into a groove to really get your feet planted….love you Amy, and I am very proud of you….sooo exciting!StephaniexoxoOH, and you're going to need to think of a biz name, so you can get biz cards done up…and on the back of the cards, you can put care instructions on how to clean/wash the hoodies…..that is what I do for my Ruffle Socks/Tee's…

  2. Stephanie, thank you!!! I got your email, but you are right, I've been super overwhelmed by the amount of emails I've been getting! I have yours saved though and will definitely call on you when needed. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I feel really good about the paypal button the blog. I think that will give me a steady slow stream of work that will keep my busy but not swamped! 🙂 And if it is too slow, I'll switch to etsy. And thanks for talking this up. I really appreciate it!! 🙂 xoxoMande- you're so sweet. Thanks for following along! xoxo

  3. Amy – I think you have a great idea for the way you want to market the hoodies! I am so excited for you and I know God will honor and bless you for keeping your family and children first!

  4. Awww, thanks Amy…trust me, life will get back to normal once you've been doing this for a while, and you've figured out a way that works for you…I have lots of friends, besides myself, who do Custom Boutique, and a lot of them don't have a chance to work during the day, but once Dad comes home, he takes over for the nite, and then Mom gets to go to her sewing room & is able to work for a few hours….once Jake goes to School, it will be much easier….haha, but then, you just may have another baby to take care of! LOLBut try not to stress too much, its exciting & overwhelming in the beginning, than it gets easier once you've created a good rhythym that works for your family….good luck! I'm so excited to see what is yet to come!Etsy is super easy, eBay is VERY easy, had a store there for over 5yrs now, and I've seen lots of changes…I can even add a link down the road on my website to advertise for you as well, no probs doing that!don't forget to think of your name…If you need graphics done, I can point you in the right direction on where to go, in the meantime, you can get some basic ones done up thru Vista Print for now, till you figure out how you want your logos to look like…you'll need something!!! lolttys, try not to stress tho, its so exciting in the beginning…StephOH, and this is my main acct, forgot to sign in to my real one before! lol

  5. Amy, I excited about your response! Sounds like you are getting a plan together that will work for you. The green with navy trim coming up sounds interesting.Keep up the good work, girl! Donna H.

  6. Hey girl! I see you have quite the talent with a sewing machine!:) I envy that. I sold my sewing machine, does that tell you anything? LOL I am so proud of you! If anyone can do this, YOU can! Good luck!Love Nichole Willis-Greenwood

  7. Hey Amy I think you've got a great plan for your situation. Just wanted you to know that you might want to think of doing a mens line…not that I'm trying to add more work for you, but my husband said he liked what you did and thought a mens line my be a good addition too, you would just need to put some sort of patch or something but I think it's a great idea.

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