Oh Dear!

Well, I guess there had to be a bump in the road eventually!
So here it is….
Apparently I miscalculated the polka-dot material for The Brilla, because tonight when I was cutting out my strips for the ruffles I realized I am short. 😦 Which means that I only have enough material for 5 hoodies, not the original 6 {XS-XXL} I was planning on posting. I must have bought the last yardage because I have called every Joann’s in California and there is none to be found.
And to further complicate things, if the giveaway winner chooses a hoodie with The Brilla design, I will then only have 4 hoodies to sell.
I am looking for an alternate material to use, but in the meantime, I need to know what sizes are the most valuable to list. And I am going to do that by a poll, thanks to the suggestion of my blog friend Jen. If you plan on purchasing a hoodie sometime in the future, please let me know your desired size by participating in the poll on the right hand side of the margin. Directly underneath the poll are the sizes with measurements.
If you plan on purchasing The Brilla this weekend, please let me know what size you are interested in by either leaving a comment or emailing me immediately at awollmer@hotmail.com. As it looks right now, this will be the ONLY sale for The Brilla, and last time I will offer this design.
I will be doing a post with concrete information on The Brilla sometime Thursday and plan to list the hoodies on either Friday night or Saturday. Please keep checking back for more info, or feel free to comment below or email me if you have any questions.
Oh yes, the hoodie will be $45, shipping will be an extra fee.
On a lighter and non- hoodie note….

These two babies…I love them so. This is pretty much what they look like all day long. Rolling around on the floor and laughing and laughing at each other. They are such crack ups and have so much fun together. {I was getting ready to change Evy out of the dirty clothes when they did this, hence the open jammies..hehe}

So much fun that Jake sometimes forgets how fragile she is.

Like tonight, he was pretending he was a knight and decided to fly off the ottoman with his sword and shield. Poor little Evy was sitting below and got a size 11 foot planted into her forehead.

A lot of tears over that one. 😦

But she was back to laughing pretty quickly….

And in closing, something for you to laugh at. A week before Christmas Brandon was doing some thrifting and he found a VHS of Mickey’s Christmas Sing a Long. Thinking it would be Christmas carols, he bought it and excitedly put it in for Jake.

Well, it was this instead, and by the time we realized it, Jake was so addicted to it that he has to watch it constantly and knows almost all the words.

One word: “Funky”. If that doesn’t say early 1990’s, I don’t know what does. HA!


9 thoughts on “Oh Dear!

  1. Ha! Amy that is way to funny! I bet it is way to funny seeing him sing along with it! so great!

  2. that video is hilarious! I bet you know all the words too huh? 🙂 It's okay; I know just about every Wiggle song and dance move, so don't feel bad! 🙂

  3. Amy you may be able to get your costs down by using American Apparel hoodies. I can get you the whole sale info.

  4. @Elisha, you should see him he has his stuffed moose that dances along and he is SO serious when he sings it ha.@Cheyenne- brandon said you would relate, but does this not remind you of DC Talk NuThang?!? We pulled the video up on you tube last night when we were looking for this one and we laughed and laughed.@David- I've looked into it. I'll call you in a bit.

  5. Pick me to win and I WON'T choose the Brilla! Is that fair?? haha. You will work out the kinks, don't feel bad. Besides, small quantities creates higher demand 🙂

  6. Hi Amy this is Tink! I love the hoodies…especially my girls they were being nosy as usual while I was looking and they both want one so I don't know when you will have kids hoodies but I want 2! I will pay extra for the shipping.Oh and by the way I don't know where they heard the word funky but it is hysterical joke between them , they are 6 and 8 and they get in trouble for saying it but they will say it anyway and can't stop laughing!

  7. @Nicole, dying at you. too funny. I'll do my best, but you'll have to talk to Jake. He'll be drawing the names on Friday morn. :)@Tink…that is so funny about the funky! ha! and I'm working on the kids hoodies. Been on the phone yesterday and today with a wholesaler to see what I can get. I'm super excited to do kids. And I just got back from the post office regarding shipping, it won't be that much extra for a couple hoodies. 🙂

  8. Amy, you can do Flat Rate Priority shipping for a lot of this stuff…depending on size, you can get quite a few in the Flat Rate box for like $10.30?? I know rates went up, not sure what yet, but those Priority supplies are FREE, and you can order them online, and have them delivered right to your door, youc an also do Paypal shipping, print your label off, and either hand it to your PO person, drop it off at your PO, or schedule a pick-up for them to get it from you….super easy! but Flat Rate all the way is usually the best…make sure to get a Postal scale, you'll def need one if you're going to be doing a lot of biz….LOLgood luck!!Steph

  9. OH, forgot, there is another Flat Rate box for like $14.95 I think, and you can fit even more in there, so if its for a fam of girls for example, you may save a bit on shipping that way, cuz since they're sweaters, you have to consider the wght of just those alone….and for Military APO/PPO addy's, that same box is even cheaper….not to forget the Flat Rate envy that is like $5 approx…haha, I do a LOT of shipping, they're used to me at our PO here…lol

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