Box or Envelope? HELP!

Ok, right about now, I’m pretty sick of hoodies. ha!
Well, I take that back, I love the hoodies, hate all this “How do I get started?” feeling. For example, yesterday I stood in line at the post office trying to figure out how to best ship my goods. The nice lady at the counter was super helpful and patient despite the fact that we had a GIANT line building up behind me. ugh.

I was feeling pretty frustrated about the whole thing, but this morning, I cleaned my kitchen {a clean kitchen is EVERYTHING to me!}, tidied up the house, put all the toys away, took a long shower and made myself a cup of Thanksgiving blend {thanks Brilla and Shawn!}. And to top it off my Mom’s coming today. So it’s a good day. Anyway…

Here’s the deal….
Your hoodie will come packaged in a cotton bag with washing instructions and a sachet attached {please let me know if you are allergic to scent}. The bags are supposed to arrive today, so I don’t have a picture of them, sorry. I can ship it using one of two methods.
First, the box. This was my first choice, but no matter how I look at it, thanks to the weight of the hoodie, it will cost $10.70. The good thing about this is its a flat rate and so I can ship at least 2 hoodies at time for this amount.

Second, and not my favorite idea, but really the most economical, is the envelope. The lady promised me that this envelope was very strong and could handle a lot of wear and tear. It will cost around $5.00.

What do you think? How would you like to recieve the hoodies and what are you willing to pay?
Later today I will put up a rather long post on the the Whimsy and the Brilla and all the details about the paypal links that will be going up tomorrow.
And oh yes, my babies. I was sewing away{hence the messy room which is now clean, whoohoo} when I heard Jake with his guitar. I peeked in and found him serendaing his sister. I can’t help but love these kids!

Any adivce you give regarding the postage would be awesome.Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Box or Envelope? HELP!

  1. lol, Amy….gurrrrllll, one phone call w/ me will answer soooo many of your questions! hahahahaI had mentioned in your other post about postage, YES the Flat Rate envy's are the WTG as long as you can stuff it in there, cuz they're the cheaper ones, and only $5 for shipping….if they are kids/toddler sizes, you can possibly fit 2 of them in there, but they'd have to be small…and as long as you can close the flap, you can send it like that, add extra tape to the flat for dbl security, (start investing in the 4 roll pack from Wally w/ the cutter thing)Flat Rate boxes, you can fit at least 2 or more in those, depending on size, that is the $10 one, (rates have gone up, so I'm not sure of all the official amts, but I believe some prices are a bit cheaper when you do Paypal shipping) but you can stuff it pretty good if you just squish it down…lolTHAN there is another Flat Rate (Large I think) and that is like $14 or $15 for that one, you cannot print of PP labels at home for it tho, cuz there is not a selection from that on PP, why?? not sure, they just have not added it…and YES you can print off a PP label even if someone does not pay you thru it, you just click Multi-Order Shipping, and enter in their addy, super easy, you'll get the hang of that one once you've used it a couple of times….your experience in the PO yesterday, you can avoid so much of that by printing your own labels off, than for drop off, you can either:Drop it off to a PO (the Hammer Ranch has a blue drop bin in the lobby, no need to go inside even if closed)Hand it to your PO person, if they don't deliver to your door, than maybe talk to them about putting a sticky note on the neighborbood box to come to your house????OR you can click to schedule a pickup, not sure how that works, I think you need to set it up the nite before so they know when they start their routes the next am…but doing PP shipping is the total WTG for it all, it also eliminates the prob of buyers trying to claim, 'I've never received it', there is auto del.conf/tracking attached to each label, so you know if its delivered or not, PLUS if you sell on Etsy/eBay, it provides a 'paper trail' of some sort, cuz there are some not so honest peeps out there & will try to claim that you never sent & attempt a dispute with you….grrrr, lolAnd you will also need to invest in a Postal Scale, I got mine thru the promo thru (another source of shipping, not worth it in my opinion) and I cancelled after my 60 days was up, you pay for this service, but you get a scale for free thru their intro membership….but when you go to pack something up, always check the wght of it, cuz once in a while, it is cheaper to do 'variable' wght vs Flat Rate, cuz depending on distance from you to buyer, the rates do fluctuate….need anymore help….feel free to ask, this is what I do, been selling online for 5yrs now, and I have learned quite a bit….good luck! its always overwhelming in the beginning….Stephxoxox!

  2. I think a hoodie will ship perfectly fine in the envelope. I've gotten tons of clothes in the mail from major stores who ship in envelopes and nothing has ever been damaged. They're water resistant and all, so I don't think they'd be a problem. But if you choose to go the box route, I'd still buy and pay the shipping! πŸ™‚ Super cute things call for drastic measures. ha!

  3. Wow stephanie, thanks so much for all the info. It pretty much confirms that I think the envelope is the best deal. I can't imagine paying $40-$50 for a hoodie and then another $10 for shipping, but that might just be me. anyway, thanks so much again. I would call but to be honest, I've been so stuck in hoodie heaven that I just haven't felt much like chatting. :)Kassie, you're awesome. Thanks for your support! xoxo

  4. haha…I understand….well if you go to weigh them, see what they are weighing w/ an envy…if it should possibly hit 13oz or less, it can actually go 1st Class, and that is $4.50/less, depending on ounces…if it hits right at 1lb, than that is equal to Flat Rate pricing, that is why you need to sometimes weigh it, cuz if its on the edge, and will fit in the reg Priority Tyvek envy (the white soft envy), and its going to cost $6+ for shipping, than squish the whole thing in the Flat Rate envy for $5, and it is that little bit cheaper…imo, I can't stand to give the PO more than I should, cuz they make $$ big time in so many areas….I buy 25ct 10×13 envys from Walmart (I know if I buy in bigger bulk I could get them cheaper, but this is not a size I use too much of), and those would work well for your 1st Class shipping…Priority products are free, than your bit of tape & ink/paper for a label, not a whole lot, but still…it all goes into biz supplies when you start selling…you'd be surprised tho at how much you could actually fit into a Flat Rate envy…HAHAI've been known to stuff:Gymbo clothing3-6m size2 rompers, hoodie, and pantsor girls sz.53 skirts, 2 tops, and leggingshahaha….yes, squish it in there, if the flap can go over, do it, than tape it shut for extra protection….haha…good luck w/ it all…I buy brown corg boxes from Uline for my bows/hair stuff, those items cannot be squished, and when its 1st Class, that is what I use, OR I reuse sm.boxes that I receive stuff in (recycle when possible) and ship in those…otherwise, I use the Priority stuff, have it sent here, and under my desk, you'd laugh, its shipping central under there, all my supplies are lined up, and I use whatever is necessary for whatever it is I'm sending…I do a lot of eBay too w/ resell stuff, so I go thru supplies quite a bit…ttys!Stephxoxo

  5. Well, it looks like you've got plenty of good helpful advice here already. I think you should go with the cheapest option so as to minimize the costs you have to pass on to the customers, if the customers are concerned about the shipping they can always request an upgrade!I hope you are enjoying yourself and not getting bogged down over there getting ready for tomorrow! Sorry I didn't respond to your email yet, work's been keeping especially busy! People seemed to love your hoodies when I posted them over on my blog, hopefully it will direct more customer's your way!!!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow, Stephanie's got it down to a science! I'm over here taking notes;)Yeah, I totally agree with going the cheaper route. I am a total online bargain hunter, so the cheaper the shipping the happier I am:) The "envy" as Stephanie calls them does sound the way to go unless you have a bulk order. Good luck, I may be traveling down the same road you are soon, that is if I can get it together:) It sounds like you are doing a great job and have lots of good friends and advice to back you up!! You GO GIRL!!!:)

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