And We Have A Winner…..

Please excuse my HORRIBLE appearance as it well into the early morning hours and I had been sewing all day and night. And that whimsy design on the green hoodie, what do you think? Was experimenting with it and I LOVE it!
Anyway….Here’s our winner! πŸ™‚

And the Whimsy in’s so hard to photo black, I tried to take a better picture but it still didin’t turn out. Let me just say, the black whimsy is STUNNING!

For more information about all of the hoodies that will be listed today at 2PM, PST, please clilck HERE.

Thank you to everyone who entered into the giveaway and gave me such an encouraging response! You guys are awesome!!



5 thoughts on “And We Have A Winner…..

  1. hmmm for some reason the winner and picture(s?) don't show up…Congrats to whoever won though, they are quite lucky!

  2. I felt like i was watching the lottery…that was so exciting. Congrats sarah, i would have looked funny in it anyways.

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