Holiday Youth Convention…and other things I have missed

Wow, has it really been a whole eleven days since my last “normal” post? It seems like it has been an eternity!
This morning, as I was formulating this post in my mind, I at first told myself I wasn’t going to mention the “H” word. But then I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to do that. I feel like the last week full of hoodie craziness has really opened a new chapter of my life. I have to say that six months ago, I would have NEVER thought I would be able to sew, much less be able to make things for sale! God works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure. This little venture has come at the perfect time, which of course is no surprise to us who know God is always right on time. ðŸ™‚ It will be interesting to see where this goes, for sure.
So on to the hoodies… As of this morning, I am done with ALL the orders! whew! I fnished the last one at 2:45 AM. Thanks to a very large cup of coffee, I was able to do it somewhat coheriently. And a big thanks to my mom in law, who came over yesterday and got me going with an assembly line. Since I am such an unexperienced seamstress, this assembly line saved my life!
Here I am somewhere around the midnight hour! My poor eyes are crying out “Sleep, PLEASE!” ha.
I should have all the hoodies shipped out tomorrow, Wednesday by the latest. If you are local, I will work out a time to meet up with you to give you your hoodie. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 🙂
And oh yes, I must mention that my dear friend Elisha found some toddler hoodies, so I will have Mini Whimsys in Dark Grey and Mini Brillas in light pink for sale sometime soon. And there are still hoodies for sale on the right margin, but they are moved to the bottom of the page. After all this is “The Adventures of the Miraflor Family”…not “Hoodie Heaven”. ha.
So anyway, things are are getting back to normal around here. The Christmas tree is still up as I write this. Ugh. I will be taking that down today. And I have gobs of laundry to do. In fact, this morning I went to go put a load in the washer and I found I had a load already in there. And then I realized it was the SAME load I had washed TWO times before over the weekend. *sigh*
Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this?!?
And I have to give big huge props to my husband, who came down sick yesterday :(… Through this whole hoodie frenzy, he has actually made dinner several times!! AMAZING feat, I must tell you, especially for someone who finds putting together a PB&J TORTURE!
And speaking of my husband….
This has been a big couple of weeks for him as well. In the last week of Decmenber, he was asked to speak at SoCal’s Holiday Youth Convention. But before I talk about that I want to talk about facebook.
 Maybe some of you have seen this facebook page .  It was started by our good friend David McGovern in hopes of getting Brandon to join fb, which he was, for random reasons, ADAMANTLY against doing. Well, while we were at HYC, Brandon got persuaded to join…and now he is one facebook!!! Big big deal around here. The funny thing is he has gotten back to Twitter as well,  and I have be honest, I wonder what has come over my husband because he is tweeting constantly! Seriously, did someone steal my husband and rewire him or something, cause this is so not him. ha! Anway, if you haven’t befriended Brandon on facebook, go right ahead. He is accepting anyone and anything, literally. He’s having so much fun with that “accept” button. Oh Lordy.
Ok, back to Holiday Youth Convention….
The convention graciously flew Evy and I down with Brandon. Brandon did the YouthWorkers Sessions during the day time, and then Wednesday’s General Day Session. I am so proud of him. He did a FANTASTIC job… no surprise to me, as I know how wonderful he is , hehe, but I was glad that everyone else got to experience it. 🙂 It was such an honor to be there. And it was equally as wonderful to be with many good friends, such as the McGoverns {who hasn’t blogged in forever, what’s up with that David?? :)}, the Browns, the Youngs, the Huzairs, and our new friends the Bockmanns. And of course, it was a high honor to be co-speakers with Wayne Francis and his beautiful wife, Claudene. They and their girls are top notch. Such a privilege to spend some time with them.
Here are a few pictures of HYC…
When we arrived to our hotel, we were put up in an incredible HUGE suite with this out of this world fruit basket!
Brandon speaking to the youth workers…
Brandon speaking during the general day session…
Brandon and his cousin Stephan, who came up with his family from the San Diego area. It was
so good to see them and it was their first time meeting Evy. {And yes, she has ear plugs in her ears. Have you been to a youth conference lately? LOUD!}
Rev. Art Hodges, Wayne Francis and Brandon
Evy had her first church tea party with Anevay McGovern. So precious!
Me and Evy on Wednesday Evening
Us…without Jake, again. Someday I will be brave enough to take him to these things. Ha….
Brandon and David McGovern. What great friends the McGoverns are. Thank you to both you and Monique for all you did for us!
And of course, I can’t close without talking a little about my babies. They seriously are the cutest kids on the planet. This past week, Jake has been calling Evy his “husband” and “sweetheart”. He also calls Evy his brother. Apparently I need to help him understand a little more about the female gender, ha! Anyway, the two of them have such a blast together. Last night Jake put his knight helmet on Evy and she laughed and laughed. We have a video of it somewhere if I can find it. Here are my kiddos…this time Evy is the knight.
And please ignore the thread bits on the ground. We will blame that on “you know what”. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Holiday Youth Convention…and other things I have missed

  1. OK, so I literally LOL'd about him accepting anyone and ANYTHING! lol….too funny!but on another note, gurrrrrl…you finished all the orders??? WOW, YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!!you go with your bad self Amy!xoxo, ttys!Steph

  2. ok, first thing is first, awesome job finishing all of the orders! way to go!second, that picture of your two little munchkins at the bottom is adorable!!! they sound like my kyan and lola, those two play so well together!!! third, lola's lucky hoodie is borderline too small, hoping it makes it through this season, but will be on its way to evy soon! i know the homemade ones will be so much cuter and she will have tons, but i will still put it in her pile!have a great week!

  3. YAY! Congratulations on your 1st order frenzy. Congrats to your hubby for his speaking opportunity. You are the multi-tasking queen by the way. Love reading your posts. Yes, I have been so busy at times I have re-washed the same load of laundry…..several times. LOLWould LOVE a mini-Brilla for Lane. Do you have one in an 18-24 month size? She is in 12 months now, but I would love to get several months wear out of it. Can't wait!!

  4. Thanks Stephanie! :)Jenni- you are awesome!! Thank you sooo much! Lola wears a 2T/3T right?Mande- Yes! I do! I'm still playing with it though cause I can't find anymore polka dot material. 😦 It will be the same design with flower, but not the same neckline material. It seems to still be pretty cute though. I'll post a picture when I'm done. 🙂

  5. Love you guys. Didn't even see this blogpost until now. We are so glad you all could come down to HYC. See you all soon hopefully!

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