Change of Plans…

Well, I got approached about possibly selling my hoodies during Ladies Day, Thursday, January 28th during the Landmark Conference that our church puts on.
I debated and debated for two reasons:
1) If I sold at Ladies Day that would mean I would have no inventory to open my shop with on Monday.
2) I really wanted to enjoy the serivices on Thursday.
3) Evy has come down with a little cold. ugh
But after going back and forth about it, and after some volunteer help to run my booth from some precious people {Ashley Gissel and Anisa Ali- you guys are AWESOME!!}, I decided to go for it. It won’t be as I would like it to look as I still don’t have any dress forms to model the hoodies, my business cards are still on order and my clothing labels aren’t here yet. 😦
BUT, I think it would be a good opportunity to for some of you to see the hoodies in person and perhaps even buy one! 🙂 So please stop by and visit me, I will be in the south hallway across from the Infant nursery. I will have every hoodie in mostly every size, but one size per style only. I will also have the infant/toddler/kid hoodies available.
I will be offering the hoodies at a SPECIAL RATE for Ladies Day Landmark Morning ONLY.
After that morning, all my hoodies will go back to the regular price and will be listed on etsy, depending on how many I have left. I will keep you all posted as to whether or not my shop will open on Monday.
Here’s my boy, playing with my collection of pedicure supplies. I keep asking him to move away from the hoodies, but he inists on sitting right by me as I sew- he’s so precious.
And what do think about this?
I have been unable to make the Brilla because I ran out of the black and white polka dot jersey knit. I found this red polka this morning. It’s more a pinkish. So now I can make some Brilla’s! 🙂 Which color hoodies would you prefer to see it on?
Hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed week- see many of you tomorrow. Looking forward to the GREAT things God is going to do!

6 thoughts on “Change of Plans…

  1. The pink polka – put it on grey or green hoodie? I just really like pink/green combo but grey is nice. I started to say a black hoodie but noticed you have some black material already picked out. Black on black…hmmmm…would it work??BTW, I think Michelle might try to make it up for a few LM services so be sure and grab her for a chat and hug!!!

  2. I think that you could make it work on all 3! Pink polka dots with all 3 of those hoodies would be awesome!:) I'm also in the process of opening up my little etsy shop (PrincynParis, is my shop name);) It's taking me a lot longer than I had hoped…working out all the details like shipping and packaging!!!Good grief! Good luck at the ladies conference! I'm sure that you will sell out so be prepared!:)Best Wishes,Prencie

  3. I really like the pink polka dot! I might have to talk my husband into letting me buy one. Do you know how much your going to sell them for tomorrow morning? Are you telling or just leaving it for a surprise?

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