Photos, Pampers, Paperwork and Pacis

Well, I have learned several things about myself over the last couple weeks.
There are things that I CANNOT do.
Don’t get me wrong. I am trying really, really hard to do them but I tend to be a perfectionist. Sometimes this a good thing, but sometimes its a bad thing. In these areas its a bad thing. I can’t settle for average.
Despite the fact that I am perfectionist, I am not giving up on the trying bit. I KNOW I will someday conquer them. I will, I will….
With some help from others!
I am calling these things that I am unsuccesful at the “Three P’s” and here they are:
1) Photos
In the effort to start up my little hoodie/etsy shop I have come to realize that I am no pro at photography. In fact I pretty much stink. Well, I take that back I’m really good at taking pictures like this one…
and this one…
{more on these photos in a sec}
But when it comes to reallly professional looking pictures, I just don’t have the goods. Even after borrowing a high-powered camera. So in my earnest pursuit of those fabulous pictures, my husband had mercy on me and shot the photos {which turned out GREAT}…and then ATTEMPTED to show me how to edit them. Well, our little editting tutorial turned into a yelling match {yes, I’m not ashamed to say that I get a tad bit frustrated with my husband *AT TIMES* ha!}. He thought they looked best one way, I was wanted a different look, etc.
So in tears I emailed my brother-in-law David. He’s TRAINED. That’s really all I have to say, but if you doubt me, you can see some of his work here.
Anyway, he took pity on me and said he would help, so Brandon zipped them up in a winzip folder and I uploaded them all onto to place in someone’s else’s hands who is much more qualified than I.
Whew…that feels good to get off my chest! ha.
So my shop opening is pending depending how long those pictures take to edit…that’s the moral of the story, haha. I will keep you all posted, but I’m hoping before Thursday!!
2) Pampers
I am a self professed diaper snob. Sorry, but its true. I use only Pampers diapers. This does not roll over to pull ups or swim diapers, however, those I use Huggies and Huggies only. But I refuse to use any other diaper than Pampers. Heres why…
They smell wonderful
They fit my babies to the “T”
Babies-r-us always has great coupons and I get a free box after I buy 10
Huggies diapers gave Jake a bloody rash when he was newborn
That last one, in case you hadn’t guessed, pretty much sold me on pampers. And I don’t do generic. I do generic everything else, but not diapers. I will spare the details as to why I don’t in this post, maybe someother day.
I put Pampers down as one of my “loser areas” tonight because if you look closely at one of those adorable pictures of Jake doing backflips off the couch {which was adorable only AFTER it happened, not during} you will see a lovely Pampers on him.
Nope. He has ABSOLUTELY no interest. Candy does nothing, neither does a star chart, a timer/every 20 min schedule, a treasure chest, a phone call to Daddy or Mumsy or Grandma…nothing works. Nada. Don’t get me wrong. He does go on the potty at times. And we have had many successes. He just would rather wear the pamper and he can’t seem to tell me when he has to go pee, only poo.

My Dr. says this is all normal and that his boys weren’t potty trained until 3 1/2. That made me feel better. That means I six months to get that little rear in gear…literally! ha.

Has anyone else ever been in the same boat?
3) Paperwork
I used to be a pro at bill paying and all that it entails. I think mentioned once before that I come from a long line of financial geniuses. I am not one of them, but I work very hard to be good with my money.
Well, since I have had kids, I have been a loser at paperwork. I have piles of it everywhere and I can never find ANYTHING.
So my dear friend Michelle, who is a brilliant CPA, came over today and helped me organize all my hoodie paperwork.
I CAN BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything is in order and I feel so much better. Seriously, I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now if I can only get her to come over and orgainize all our personal finances! ha!
Michelle….working away!
So now that I have told you the “Three P’s” that I am a huge loser at, I have one P that I am PROUD to say I am a winner at!!!
{That’s short for pacifer for you non-parents}
That’s right, two weeks ago today, we took the paci away from Jake and we have been paci free for 14 days! Can you believe it?!? Honestly, if you knew how addicted Jake was to the paci you would be jumping up and down with excitement at your desk, or wherever it is you are reading this.
So my friends, I have this to say:
Thank God I am good at one “P”. If you ever need advice on paci issues, please feel free to contact me. If you need advice for the other “Three P’s”, please contact someone else. If you are
that someone else, please make yourself known so we can come and sit at your feet, ask for advice and call you our sensei.
Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Photos, Pampers, Paperwork and Pacis

  1. Amy,I love you! Your blogs make me chuckle. I am not laughing at you & your calamities, but I enjoy knowing I am not struggling alone. Take courage! I was writing quite a lengthy comment when I realized I should be sleeping (along with some prompting from Timothy). I will have to email you.hugs,Audrey

  2. Amy, I have been there with the potty training woes. Grant was just finally potty trained this past summer, and he was not quite 4 1/2 when this happened!!!! Sam and I were saying that we knew he was doomed to be waiting for his bride at the altar in a diaper! My Dr. said that his boys weren't potty trained until 4, but it didn't really make me feel any better (to be totally honest). I can say now that he is 100% potty trained, and we thought it would never happen. I ended up sending him to my mom and dads for a week in the summer so that he would have constant 24/7 one on one training (since I was unable to do this with 3 other kids besides him in the house). So, I hope this is encouraging that it will happen even though it feels like it never will. Another light at the end of the tunnel for you is that Adison was potty trained so fast and easy and is only 2 1/2. I say girls are way easier to potty train, so you have that to look forward too. Thanks for all your adorable posts, I love reading them.♥ Sharla =0)

  3. Somethings you just have to delegate! Being good at delegating sounds better than saying you can't do something. 🙂 I delegate all the photo editing to Robert…I mean it is his day job, and he loves it, so why should I mess with it??? And GREAT JOB with the paci!!!

  4. That picture looked so familiar….no, not because my sister was in it, but because that's the same computer desk that we have. Funny…Congrats on the paci and good luck with the potty training. Evy will be done before Jake, but that's OK.

  5. Oh Amy, you totally made me laugh this morning!Yes, potty training is hard, and he will get it eventually, it is a struggle, but he will be trained….I had one son who was very hard, and another who was frusterating, but they are fine now….lolCongrats to the paci tho!!! That is an accomplishment…and paperwork, ugh, I too can't stand to do it, and I am not a perfect person either….But on another note, funny you should post this this week, cuz it's 'P' week in Kinder, so we have been trying to think of all sorts of things that start with 'P', and you reminded me of a few things….LOL….Pencil, Paper, Pen, Plate, Penguin…xoxo!!!

  6. Very nicely put Amy. Super glad to hear that Jake no longer needs that pasi, we're breaking Scout of the thumb now and its ridiculously hard to do. Lets of crying, a few spankings, and still…the thumb goes in the mouth. Always good to read the blog, keep it up.David

  7. Amy, Love this post!! Another one that I can totally relate to…..especially the potty training situation. I have been there. My son was stubborn. Soooo stubborn. He was about 3 & 1/2 when he FINALLY was potty trained. Nothing worked & you know what, my pediatrician was not concerned at all. He said boys are a little slower to train…and not to worry. I stopped worrying right then and when I was not so absorbed with it, Harrison actually wanted to do it by himself. Go figure. Congrats on the paci!!! YAY!!! I promise to update my blog really soon with the fabulous award & 25 things about me. Lane is cutting the one year molars- it has been a rough week……I hope to get to it by the weekend. Cannot wait to see the fabulous shop of yours on Etsy!!!

  8. Another "P" word you can be proud of is that you are PERFECT in the eyes of God. So all those things you think you are a loser at – God doesn't!!!! You are amazing at so many things that those things you think that you don't do as well doesn't even matter! Love you sis!

  9. Another "P" word you can be proud of is that you are PERFECT in the eyes of God. So all those things you think you are a loser at – God doesn't!!!! You are amazing at so many things that those things you think that you don't do as well doesn't even matter! Love you sis!

  10. 1. i am a pampers snob when it comes to diapers too – for the exact same reasons you are (weird?!). when it comes to pull ups, all bets are off. the nice thing about pampers is if you enter those 16 digit codes (you know the ones stuck to the sides of the bags, maybe they are longer than 16 digits) you get free stuff! it is not much, but it is something?!2. kyan took until he was almost 4 to totally potty train. don't know why, he just wasn't ready. we had pee down at about 3 and 1/2, but couldn't do anything to save our lives to get him to go poop on there. it was frustrating…then one day it just clicked?! 3. i love how you write, so funny!4. so cute is jake teaching evy how to use a fork! love it!

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