Camera Giveaway…..

Our good friend and photographer Scott Andrew is giving away a camera to good and needy cause. He is taking nominations over on his blog. If you know someone/someplace that could use his camera, head on over by clicking HERE and leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Camera Giveaway…..

  1. gasp! really? does he want an actual organization? cuz i'm a pretty needy cause!! 😀 there is so much photography i am hoping to do for the radio station and the church as a whole. hrmmm

  2. Hmmm….if only I could nominate myself. lol.Was doing photography on the side (portraits, weddings, etc.) for extra money in Texas and my beloved camera broke once I got to California. =[ Now all I can use is my handy dandy iPhone. haha

  3. i went onto his blog and read some of the stories – that is so awesome! i hope someone who really deserves the camera wins! LOVE IT!

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