Chocolate Kisses

I have a confession to make…
{I know, I know, I confess all the time, sorry}
I like my legs.
You see, I have come to learn that EVERYBODY, man and woman alike, have things they love and things they hate about their bodies. I have rarely met an individual who was 100% happy with themself. {And if you are, please do speak up cause I’d like to find your secret!!} So I, like everyone else, have things I love and things I hate.
For example, I HATE my arms. I can tell you lots of horrible things about them. HA! But my legs are decent, so I rarely complain about them. EXCEPT for this:
BEWARE…very white untanned leg , may not be suitable for young viewers…
That, my dear friends, is a lovely birthmark that the good Lord decided grace my body with. I have had it since I was a baby. Although I like my legs, I can’t say too much for this birthmark. I have thought about having it removed, but it will leave a scar, and I tell myself that a scar would be worse, so the birthmark stays.
I’ve always thought it resembled a knot in a tree trunk.
ANYWAY, when I was a kid, this birthmark was a source of great embarassment for me. Kids would make fun of me, and I would NEVER want to wear anything that would expose it. But as I got older, it kinda grew on me, I got used to it and when I was endlessly asked, “Is that a birthmark?”, I would just smile and say, “yup!”.
Now as an adult, I have to be honest and say I RARELY think about it, notice it or even get asked questions about it.
Until yesterday, that is….
Jake with his way too small, but very fave beanie on backwards. Oh I LOVE him!
This little man noticed it yesterday. The conversation went like this:
Jake: “What’s that Mommy?”
Me: “It’s a birthmark.”
Jake: “Is it chocolate? It’s chocolate isn’t it? I’m going to kiss it, ok?”
So my little man leaned down and kissed my source of embarassment for so many years. He carassed it and said, “I like chocolate, Mommy.”
I smiled. I will never think of my birthmark as ugly or embarrassing again. It’s chocolate and worthy of kisses. That’s good enough for me!
And here’s the best part…although he doesn’t know it yet, Jake has the identical birthmark on his back. If he ever feels embarassed about his birthmark, I will kiss it and tell him its chocolate. Fair deal, I think, huh?
oh yes, PS…everything is still on sale in my etsy shop. Great prices…but hurry, not much left!!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Kisses

  1. Oh My…what a muffin! So cute! Kyan has a birthmark on his back, but it isn't darker, his skin is lighter in a patch! I will give him vanilla kisses!Love it!

  2. My daughter (now 3) has a birthmark on her face. About a year ago she noticed it in a mirror. She pointed at it and called it chocolate. I said yep, your chocolate birthmark…it makes you sweeter. Kids are just precious!

  3. Thats so awesome. And it was named perfectly! 🙂 You will never look at that mark the same…and now everytime you do your sweet little guy will come to mind and that moment!

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