Tutu Giveaway and Sizes Please!!

I know, I know…two blog posts in one day. Sorry.
I got so carried away in my “ugly” thoughts, that I didn’t add a couple things that I really wanted to talk about.
First, I follow a very cool blog called Dear Lillie. It’s a fab blog…so beautiful and creative and Jennifer is so stinkin’ talented at decorating!! I seriously have to watch when I read her blog. If I’m feeling down about my carpet or my lack of good living room couches or just my house in general {HA}, I have to read her blog with caution. Everything is STUNNING!!
Well, she is giving away a tutu this month. If you win, you have the choice of the following:
This is the one I want, FYI! 🙂
So hop on over by clicking HERE and enter to win!
And lastly, I need your help. I placed an American Apparel Order today! Whoohoo! 🙂 I should have all the new styles sewn up within a couple weeks and up for sale, but I’m a little lost on sizes. Has anyone ever shopped at American Apparel and are you familiar with their sizes? I hear they run a size small?
And curious to know what sizes are the most popular? Currently I have only one size per style….what size do you need, if you don’t mind saying? Maybe I should put up a poll…hmmm..
Thanks a million dear friends!
Oh yes, I should mention that I will have at least one style that will be available from adults all the way down to babies, for both men and women, so you can match. 🙂 I’m kinda excited about that one. hehe

6 thoughts on “Tutu Giveaway and Sizes Please!!

  1. I LOVE American Apparel!!! I wear a size medium in their shirts, but I wear a small in other brands. So I would say they run a bit small. And they shrink just a bit after being washed, but they are still some of the BEST fitting shirts I own. Good call on using them 🙂

  2. So Chey you like their tees? I ordered a bunch. I've never worn either their tees or their hoodies but I'm going to embellish some tees for spring. I'm so glad to know you like them as I'm a little nervous that I've never actually owned one, just heard so many good things about them! :)Thanks soshie it helps. hehe

  3. Thanks for blogging about us! Can't wait to see your new stuff! We are actually about to place an order with American Apparel. Up until now we have used Bella and some Alternative Apparel. I have a bunch of items I am about to order from American Apparel but am waiting to get our wholesale info approved by them. So, I can't tell you anything about them, but Alternative runs small but I find Bella runs pretty true to size.

  4. Hi Amy,Thanks for posting about the giveaway. Her blog is so amazing! As for the AA clothing, Harrison has a few shirts as does Lane. They do run about a size small in the kids line. Not sure about the adult line. He wore a 5 last fall, but his Halloween costume was a 6 in AA and was true to size (top & pants). Lane fits in the 2T shirt, but the sleeves are long. Cannot wait to see your new creations. 🙂

  5. SO darn cute I can't take it! I've never ordered AA clothes but I was just in their store when I was in NYC and their stuff seemed to run fairly small.: )

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