Crazy Jake

Thank God for antibiotics because I am feeling MUCH MUCH better today! Thank you all for you love and prayers….

I mentioned a little bit in yesterday’s post about a video we took of Jake and his “craziness”. Before I share it with you, I would like to preface it with a few tibits of info about my son.

We have had many people tell us that we shouldn’t label Jake “crazy”…that maybe by labeling him that we cause him to actually be crazy. Well, perhaps they are right. But when I hear pepole tell me this, I realize that these people must not really know Jake.
When Jake was in utero, he moved CONTSTANTLY. I seriously thought I was pregnant with an ailen. It terrified me actually. ha. When he was born, he was so alert, moved so much and NEVER wanted to be held. He was a mover and shaker for sure. We realized he was going to be a front and center type of guy when around 3 or 4 months he started BABBLING…he completly skipped the cooing stage. And he has talked non-stop ever since.
Jacob is blessed by God with the gift of entertaining. He LOVES to make people laugh {especially Evy}, he loves to be labeled “funny”, “hilarious”, “silly” and yes, even “crazy”. He will call himself that. If you know anything about entertainers, you know that they use a vivid imagination, the crazier the better and if they can be considered the funniest, they have scored.
Such it is with Jacob.
Although this has the ability to drive us all NUT-SO at times, we believe wholeheartedly that God has big plans for our little man. If kept on the right path and reminded of the right motives, we are confident that Jacob is going to do great things. And if calling him “crazy” makes his ego soar, then “crazy” he will be.
So with that said….here is a couple pictures of our latest “Crazy Jake”
This morning during our Saturday morning waffle breakfast. He found letters in his waffles, and was so excited when he found a “J” for Jacob.
And last night….Jake goes to bed at 9PM, but around 10:30 I heard his fire engine go off, so I peeked in his room and low and behold, he had made a “new bed” for himself on the ground, and when I tried to put all his cars/trucks on all four wheels he said to me, “No Mommy! My friends are sleeping and they have to stay on their side, just like me!” So I guess Jake was having a little slumber in his room last night.
*If you look closely you will see the fisher price pig from yesterday’s post. Yup, that thing’s a big big problem around here.
And lastly…the video. It was actually over 6 mins long, but Brandon edited it for you all. It was early Friday morning and he hopped into our bed playing his “trumpet” and jumping up and down with his hair sticking straight up. Seriously, someone MUST have shot sugar into his viens while sleeping on Thursday night. And yes, I did have spit all over me, for all those who were wondering.
And oh yes, the song is “Funky Jesus Music” by TobyMac, from his new album Tonight. I’ve mentioned this before, but we are a BIG TobyMac family…..You must check him out if you aren’t familiar with him.
Anyway, enjoy the video!
 PS… everything is still on sale in my little shop. Not many women’s hoodies left, and this is the last of the Mossimo hoodies, if you are partial to those.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Jake

  1. Video is hilarious! Love him! And love the slumber party….ha….Samuel does that too when it's time for "night night", and his jungle animals have to lie on their sides. They are so funny…

  2. that picture of him sleeping on the floor – so adorable, love how everything is on its side too!the video is hilarious! he is a ball of energy huh?! love his rhythm!

  3. Lane just watched this video with me cracking up the entire time. She is crying b/c the video is over- LOL.Loved this post. So glad you are feeling a little better. 🙂

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