Strep Throat

I have it. UGH šŸ˜¦
I went to the Dr’s on Thursday only because I am impatient and our urgent care Dr {Dr. Birlew, for those Stocktonians} will prescribe you meds for ANYTHING, seriously. 
SOOO.. because I hate being sick, I went hoping for something to kick my body into gear. I mean, come on, who has time to be sick?
Well as soon as Dr. Birlew took one look at my throat, he said, “WOW, that’s red!” took a throat culture and here I am a full bottle of antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine later.  My sweet husband came home from work yesterday and attempted to get me to go straight to bed…but if you know me, or maybe learned a little more about me through this blog, especially this post, then you know I couldn’t sleep much. I spent most of the evening sorting through my American Apparel order.
But today, Brandon put his foot down, so I’ve been laying here in bed or on the couch. If I even wandered over for a second to touch my new items or start pinning things up, I got in trouble. Wow…this resting stuff is BORING.
So here are my thoughts and things I’ve noticed throughout the day- not that any of them are really that interesting, but part of the fun about this blog is that you are the reader and I am the writer which means you read what I write, haha!
1} My kids fought most of the morning over the same Fisher Price Little People pig. In a house full of toys, that tiny pig caused so many problems
2}Napping during the day is so much easier on a Sunday. Although I take a nap EVERY Sunday with my kids, I haven’t taken a long nap during the week in eons. Why is it so hard to just sit down and rest?
3}Cambells Homestyle Chunky chicken noodle is actually pretty decent if you add a little lemon and parmesan cheese.
4} My friend Leah is amazing. An American Apparel store is in the mall right next to her, and since I needed a second opinion on some of the items I ordered, she ran on down there an gave me all the info. 
*NOTE* If I do work from the couch that’s not working right? Cause I called her from the couch, Babe, I promise.
5} As I lay here in bed, bored out of my mind, my husband was getting dressed to get us some food. He  contemplated wearing a stripped sweater and kept asking me if stripped sweaters are out. I am ashamed to say I have never noticed. Are they out?!? Help!
*REVISED* Brandon was trying a STRIPED sweater on, not a STRIPPED sweater. Oh Lordy, these meds are killing me! ha!
6}Lastly, my son is a hoot. He climbed into bed with us this morning FULL of energy and his hair sticking straight up like he had been sticking his finger in the electrical socket. We got an AWSOME video of it that I was hoping to have uploaded to youtube by tonight but just never got to it, so I will have to post it tomorrow. Please come back, because trust me, it will validate all my “crazy Jake” comments, trust me.
So there you have my strep throat thoughts in a nutshell…thanks for all your prayers my friends!

8 thoughts on “Strep Throat

  1. Happy resting my sweet friend… Feel better! Just wait till Brandon goes to sleep (or give him some of that syrup with codine) and then start your pinning… Love you!

  2. haha oh boy I just noticed that I spelled "striped" as STRIPPED!!! TWICE!!! HAHAHA I'm dying. Oh lordy. It was a sweater with stripes, not a "strip" sweater!and Janelle, BRILLIANT idea! ha! I love it! xoxo

  3. is it bad that as the reading teacher, i didn't even notice the whole strip/stripe thing until you pointed it out ~ just kept on reading! HA!hope you feel better! ps ~ your friend's idea still has me giggling!

  4. So, I'm curious….. did we ever determine if "striped" sweaters are "out" ? LOL It's funny that he would be that concerned with what he was wearing when he was only going out to get something for the family to eat since you are sick…. After all, it's California and people wear anything and everything – or nothing at all! LOLAll kidding aside…. I'm so sorry you have been sick and hope you get to feeling better SOON!Love you!ss

  5. I noticed the stripped comment but being your friend, I overlook grammatical errors unless they are offensive. This one was funny and I knew you were sick so….I let it slide :)Anyway glad you feel better! Thank you Dr. B…hahaha it was fun working for him. He didn't provide health insurance but we could see him anytime for anything for free…and get any drugs….ha…once he gave me an entire box of sample Zyrtec and I handed it out at school like free candy, to all the other poor, suffering, insurance-less allergy-suffering students. Ssshhh…don't tell anyone….lol

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