"Potty" Please?

Potty…er…pretty please send some advice my way.
See this little man?
He’s super smart, I promise. That little peg game is his favorite…he likes things to be organized and will spend hours putting things “just so”…..
But he has NO interest in the potty.
He turned 3 on January 18, and although I’m not stressed about him still wearing diapers, I would really, really like to be done with them. Especially the poop…which we won’t mention why, but I’m sure you can all figure out what changing a 3 year old poopy diaper is like.
So anyway…
Advice Please!!!!!!!
Here’s my problem…he can tell me when he’s going poop, but not pee. He doesn’t even seem to realize when it comes out. Also, he is way too busy to sit down on the potty and standing up is torture cause he just gets mad that nothing comes out to hit the fruit loops.
We had one success this morning, and then the rest of the morning, I set the timer and every 20 mins took him, but he still had accidents. Like I said, I’m not worried about it so don’t want to stress him out since he is already saying, “please mommy, not the potty again!”, but if I need to push it then I will.
 Should I keep trying?
Help!! How long should I let this go on?
Thank you, my friends!

8 thoughts on “"Potty" Please?

  1. you need to read http://www.askdrsears.com. that is my go to website for all kid related questions. he has some GREAT advice for the potty! just go to the home page and click on A-Z index. Then click on the P, and scroll down to potty training. Good luck…and remember, Jake won't be in diapers forever. Just like Huck won't nurse/sleep with me forever! 🙂

  2. I agree with Cheyenne; the dr. sears site is my Bible. Otherwise, I think if Jake actually did start going to preschool he'll want to copy all the other little boys who willingly and successfully go potty. I hear that 90% of kids who start preschool untrained, are fully trained within just weeks.

  3. boys are slow! ugh, kyan took what seemed like forever. trust me, it will happen.his babysitter said the same think as cheyenne, he won't be in diapers forever and ever. there will be a time when it will just click and you will be like "oh my gosh, why was i trying so hard!"let it happen when it is supposed to, i swear, or you are going to be the one frustrated trying!

  4. We read Harrison the book "it hurts when I poop". Excellent book and it actually explains the process in kid friendly terms. But Harrison was slow to use the potty too & his pediatrician told us not to stress about it. My MIL stressed about it for us. LOL. By 4 years of age he was doing things by himself. It will happen. Promise. 🙂

  5. It's not as bad as you think… If you are stressed about it then they can feel it. My son was trained at 18mts, we started in the summer and took the daipers completly away,just big boy underware. (They dont like to be wet.) It can be done in one week!! What is so great about summer time is you are outside and if he pee out there no harm done. Just keep taking him every 20/30min!!! Good luck!

  6. I'm no pro on this, but my sis has had two boys and she says that you will know when they are ready and there is no use in fighting them over it until they express a positive interest in it. I have heard that boys are a lot harder than girls though…my mom likes to remind my bro that he didn't poop in the potty till he was four 🙂

  7. You know what I say – wait until they are ready. Ethan was 3-1/2 and when he was ready he WAS ready. The great thing about it is we only had less than five accidents at night only and ZERO during the day. It was pretty awesome. However, I did switch from diapers to pull ups as I was attempting to train and he fully understood they were for big boys and not babies. Good luck my friend!

  8. I love this boy. He can really push our buttons sometimes, but he is a sweetheart. Thank you babe for bloging//- Brandon

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