I'm So Excited….

About this!!

This is my living room, by the way…and I probably need to make a little explaination.
God has blessed us with a nice four bedroom, three bath home. That’s a big deal here in California. We are lucky enough to live in an area of California that has always been a little cheaper in regards to the housing market- course that was before the housing bubble. Well, if you follow the news at all you know what happened there. Even my brother in England keeps telling me that the Valley is always talked about.
Anyway, we bought when it was still realitively cheaper, so we are very thankful about that. And even though I said I would NEVER, EVER live in a track home…well, here I am. I have learned to never say never.
Anyway, I digress {as usual}…
So both our kids have a bedroom and of course we have one and then we have a guest room with an attached bath.
Well, when I started unexpectantly sewing, I had stuff EVERYWHERE. You can kinda see what it looked like here. And I was using my dining room table as a sewing table. NOT PRACTICAL…and I was embarassed to invite anyone over for obvious reasons, ha!
So I had to come up with some place to put my sewing. And a guest room overhaul was out cause we use it ALL THE TIME. My mom comes once a week {Jake calls it “Mumsy’s Room”} and we have visitors at least once or twice a month. We like company too much to lose it. And the guest room is too small to hold a queen size bed and sewing table.
So…WahLah! {Is that how you spell wahlah?!? hmmm…}
I had this old desk that my friend Alisha was housing for me {thanks Alisha for giving it back, ha! 🙂 } but it was too high for a sewing table and it was kinda ugly. So my father in law cut the legs off and my mom in law {my sewing sensei, someday I will get her to pose for a picture} made this absolutely incredible table cover!! During the day it masquerades as a table…..
And at night {when I do all my sewing, ha!}…
Please ignore my child…he refused to move and I was too tired to make him. *SIGH*
Its a sewing table!!! YAY! 🙂 And see that overstuffed chair next to me? That’s hiding all my hoodies in bins behind it.
Pretty clever, huh?
Now….I need help. This whole sewing table problem has given me the decorating bug. Already my mom in law and I are recovering and restuffing the couches in here. So see this…
That is my Nannie’s dining room table and side table. It’s been that stain since 1950. I want to paint it soooo badly…a nice crusty and flaky off white color. Make it look very old world and change the knobs on the side table. But I’m terrified I’d ruin it. Any suggestions? Anyone ever done this sort of thing?
HELP! My Nannie would turn over in her grave if I ruined the set. ACK! 😦
AND….{I know this post is getting long, sorry}
I wasn’t going to do the Hoot again for Spring, but so many people have been asking for it, I’m thinking maybe I should. American Apparel doesn’t have a green hoodie like that sooo….
What colors should I do? Speak now or forever hold your peace as I start my “sewing like mad week” today.
Happy Saturday everyone!

17 thoughts on “I'm So Excited….

  1. Sewing table and space = jealous.Redoing table, etc. = not a help since I am home-decor decorative challenged. The Hoot = I think it's cute but I'm not a big fan of owls so can't help you there either. I'd rather see a wonderful new original Amy design that blows our minds away :)Have fun sewing!

  2. Have you seen the picture of the chair robert recovered and painted on facebook? it's under his wall photos album i think. it was pretty easy. sand down the tables (an electric sander is needed). apply primer. let dry. paint base coat (color you want peeking through). let dry. paint on the crackle paint (we got it on sale at home depot). let dry. paint top coat (main color of table). as the top coat dries, the crackle paint will crack it so the base coat peeks through.i would try it out on a smaller piece of furniture first to make sure you have the technique down before tackling those beautiful tables! good luck! i think they will look great!

  3. Is there anyone with any suggestions that don't involve me doing a lot of hard work on this project???- Brandon: the dad

  4. NO!!! Babe get that sander out cause Cheyenne I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair. PErfect! Thank you for such great directions!! I'm so excited, my new spring/summer project. 🙂

  5. Girl, I am so jealous! I would LOVE a 4 bedroom house!! My 2 boys share a bedroom and it sucks! Royally! Yeah, my dining room looks pretty bad!! It's the only central part of the house that I can work in and still be close enough to the play room so I can keep a close eye on the kiddos. I've been entertaining the thought of turning out pantry into my work room but….it's only a 3'X 3' space. Talk about being crammed! Your space looks good, so clean and tidy:)I would be totally embarrassed for anyone to see the state of my house right now!

  6. Absolutely LOVE your sewing area! What an ingenious idea! Glad I'm not the only one that has used furniture to "hide" things….Now…. regarding the furniture that was your Nannies…. I'm thinking she might turn over in her grave if you PAINT it…. not only if you mess it up! Ha-ha!Anyway…. Cheyenne's idea sounds good if you are sure you want to paint over real wood! :DLove you!ss

  7. Love your room, and how creative to hide the sewing space. 🙂 The Hoot is a beautiful hoodie. Blues are nice and you can never go wrong with black. :)So excited about your redecorating plans. Cannot wait to see what you do.

  8. ha!! Susan, you might be right!! ugh. I will say though that she was pretty daring in her lifetime, so I think she would tell me to try something new. oh boy. I gotta call my dad first and get permission, so everyone say their prayers..hehe. And thank you everyone for your kind words and suggestions for my room! It is so nice to have an area. And I didn't mention that I love how I can sew and still be involved with the kids. Prencie, you are right that is sooo important! Hide everything under the table hehe. And in regards with the hoot…I've decided to do two one powder pink with a hot pink ruffle along the hood and one pale blue with navy/pale owl and eyelet around the hood. Very refreshing I think. And I will have the pale pink for adults, youth, toddlers and infants. 🙂 Whew…glad I figured that one out! ha

  9. have fun, brandon! once we acquired the said electric sander and paint…the projects lined up out the door. 🙂 it's all good though, i disappear into the basement and turn up the music…and out pops newly painted furniture!ps. it is "voila"… LOL!

  10. It doesn't matter how easy it would be to redo the table…before you ruin it, sell it for a decent amount of money and buy you a piece of crap table that is old and beat up. Its a win win, except for Nanna is going to roll over in her grave.

  11. I've done quite a bit of furniture refinishing. To be honest, I'm really surprised that my business landed in sewing b/c I had a lot more experience with a brush than a needle and thread prior to starting MJ. Anyway…I agree w/the first comment. You have to sand it. Don't spend a lot of time sanding the finish completely off, just enough to rough up the finish so the paint will stick. It you want it to look old/not perfect, then you probably want to use a combination of a brush and a small roller, if you want the texture of the strokes of the brush.If you want it to be a lot faster and can forgo the texture of brush strokes, then use spray paint. You'll probably need about 5 cans, but you'll end up with a much more durable finish, esp if you use enamel. If it's a table you use often, I would finishs it w/a coat of poly–prob water-based b/c oil based tends to yellow with age on a light color.hope that helps 🙂

  12. HA! David, I am NOT giving/selling the set. NO WAY. it's either going to stay the same or get repainted. My Nannie WOULD turn over in her grave if I gave it to someone else. I think you are just taking Brandon's side. hmm.Robert, thanks so much for your encouragement and inspiration. The chair turned out AWESOME!Jessica…wow! Thank you for all the info! and I'm honored to have you stop by. :)Jenni…want to come help? hehe. And a thank you card is in the mail tomorrow. I have been so behind thanks to the strep. 😦 xoxo

  13. Regarding the table, there are a few people in my area that specialize in re-doing furniture. Maybe you could see if someone who knows what they are doing could do it for you? That way, you get what you want without the fear of ruining it, and if it makes you happy, Nanny will LOVE it! 🙂

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