Spring Hoodies 2010…and a Grand Opening GIVEAWAY

Thank you to everyone who has been following along with all my obnoxious postings this last week. I hope you have enjoyed seeing all my new hoodies as much as I have enjoyed showing them to you. They have definitely been a part of my life for several weeks now, which means, since this blog chronicles the adventures of my life, that you will probably read about it. πŸ™‚
So here it is, my GRAND OPENING!! Yippee!! 
{this is what it looks like over here, us all jumping for joy. :)}

To be honest, I have no idea where this little venture is leading me and I have can’t really tell you how long it will last either. But for now, I will just follow the little path I feel that God has put in front of me and see where it ends up. {Proverbs 3:6, one of my fave verses. :)}.
Everything will be listed tonight, Monday, March 29th at 7PM PST {That’s California time}
If there is a particular hoodie you would like, I suggest you log onto my etsy shop a little before 7 and keep refreshing the page until it pops up. Otherwise, I am sure I will have many things left for you to browse over the week to come.
Below you will find one picture of each item that will be listed tonight, as well as the price and the sizes I have available. If you would like to know more info about the hoodie, then please click on the name above the picture and it will send you to the blog post from this last week with all the info needed, including more detailed pictures.
Just a couple of things before I show you the pictures:
Please remember that I have found American Apparel to run a size small. For example, I usually wear a size small hoodie, but in American Apparel, I wear a size medium. This seems to be true for kids and men as well. Please visit American Apparels sizing chart for more info by clicking HERE. You want to look under womens and mens jackets, kids tops and babies all garments.

Etsy and Paypal:
My items will be listed through etsy.com. If you do not have an account through etsy and are interested in purchasing something tonight, I recommed you do that prior to 7PM. Its free and very easy. πŸ™‚ I accept payment through paypal only. So if you do not have a paypal acct, I would suggest you open one of those as well. πŸ™‚

Shipping on one hoodie is $6.50. I ship priority mail. Unfortunately due to the weight of the hoodies, I am not usually able to ship first class, which makes a break on shipping pretty impossible, however, if you purchase a couple items, I will weigh them and if a refund is due, I will send it to you through paypal. IF YOU ARE LOCAL and would like to pick up the hoodie, I will refund you the shipping fee. Please let me know through an etsy convo.

Desired Size:
When you purchase items through etsy, there is one listing for each style and then within in the listing you find the sizes I have available. Please make sure your size is available before you purchase, as someone else might have purchased it already. PLEASE INCLUDE THE SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE EITHER IN NOTES TO SELLER DURING BUYING OR IN AN ETSY CONVO IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE. I cannot relist the item until you tell the size you bought.

* denotes hoodies that are limited, and may not be made again pending on material available. The rest I will make again, but not sure when, might be in a couple months.
S, M, L, XL- one of each size only.

S, M, L, XL- one of each size only

S, M, L, XL- one size of each only

S, M, L, XL-one size of each only

S, M, L, XL-one size of each only
S, M, L, XL- one size of each on

XS {could be considered a child’s size 12}, S, M, L, XL- one size of each only
S, M, L, XL- one size of each only

12-18 mths, 18-24mths- one size of each available
2, 4, 6, 8 – one size of each available

XS{preteen size 12ish}, M, {2} L, {2}XL, XXL
2, 4, 6- one size of each only

3-6 mths, 6-12mths, 12-18mths, 18-24mths- one size of each only
2, 4, 6, 8- one size of each only
Ok, dear blog friends. I need your help. I first started this little venture by posting some pictures on this blog and then my friends on facebook and my blog friends passed the word along.  I sold 90+ hoodies in less than 2 months! Wow! The power of social media is amazing.
Could you help me again?
I need to get the word out about my little shop’s grand opening. And for your time and your help, I am offering a giveaway- a $30 credit towards any item in my store. The credit is good through the month of July, so you’ll have plenty of items to choose from between now and then- you might even like one of my new tees I should have in the shop soon. πŸ™‚
Here’s how you enter. You can do one of the following, or all of them:
1) Become a public follower of this blog{your picture will appear under followers on the right hand side of this blog}, or state you already are one – 1 entry
2) Visit my etsy shop by clicking HERE and add it as one of your favorite stores- 2 entries
3) Post this link onto your facebook or twitter account- 1 entry each
4) Blog about this post and the opening of my shop- 2 entries
5) Grab the Evy’s Tree button on the right hand side of this blog and add it to yours- 2 entires
6) Lastly, leave a comment telling me which hoodie is your favorite- 1 entry
Please leave one comment for each entry- For example, if you became a follower of this blog, then leave a comment that says “follower”. If you blogged about me or added my shop as one of your favorites, leave two comments that says “blogged”, “added as favorite”, etc.
Giveaway will end Thursday April 1, at 11:59 PM PST
Thank you my dear friends. Even if you don’t participate in my giveaway, I would love for you to say a little prayer for me and this new venture-that I follow God’s will and that His hand is on my life. That would mean more to me than anything else.
If you have any quesitons about the items being listed tonight, please feel free to email  me at awollmer@hotmail.com
Much love to you all!

*Giveaway Closed*


135 thoughts on “Spring Hoodies 2010…and a Grand Opening GIVEAWAY

  1. okay so my favorite used to be the Hoot but your new design the Kate in no my fave…I promise I will have to order one soon and show it around Denver so I can promote your store…Rebecca

  2. oh and I can't believe I wasn't a follower…I could have sworn I had become one already…oh well I'm glad I'm following it now.Rebecca

  3. I'm now a follower, and I gladly added your store as my favorite, posted you on facebook, and left a comment, I hope this will help you make lots and lots of sales.Rebecca

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