Emily was chosen by the generator, which I must confess, my husband went to GREAT strides to provide you with a picture of the generator. Apparently capturing this thing on a PC is a chore. 😦 Thanks Babe!!
It was a little difficult to come up with the winner because not everyone followed the directions to a tee and put one comment per entry, but that’s ok, it IS a bit confusing, even for me. 🙂 So I printed all the comments out and assigned numbers appropriately.
Anyway, Emily will get a $30 credit towards anything in my store.
A great big THANK YOU goes out to all who contributed! I really am so honored to have you all join in on the giveaway, but even more, I am honored that you would help me pass the word on my little shop. Sales are going VERY good. Better than I expected. Thanks to you all. 🙂
Just a couple of things:
1. I am behind in shipping out my hoodies. If you did not read yesterday’s post, I encourage you to. It will explain my tardiness. But regardless, all hoodies will be shipped out on or around Monday, April 5.
2. There is a slight possibility that I might have more anchor hoodies, and maybe a few for sizes 6-12 as well. 🙂 I will keep you all posted.
3. What I have in the shop is all I have for the moment. However, I will be placing an order for more hoodies in a couple weeks, so if what you want is not there, feel free to email me or send me an etsy convo so I know to order more of a particular hoodie.
4. Prices…I had to raise them by a couple of dollars. I had completely overlooked that I am a California state wholesaler and I am subject to California state tax.:( My Dad went over my profit margin and quickly pointed out that if I wanted to keep doing this {ie make any money} I needed to remember stuff like this. *SIGH* I am so sorry. I really understand that a lot of you are moms who are on limited incomes, but I am hoping that if you like my hoodies enough the couple dollar increase won’t affect you too much. Please understand that I am doing my best to keep the hoodies affordable for all, but worth the time for me, as I haven’t worked this hard on ANY job {outside of my kiddos}. I’ve even got teaching beat, with my late nights and all. 😦
4. My friend Jenni. Oh boy. She is amazing. {ok I have two friends named Jenni in this blog world and they are both amazing. I am not talking about this one, but if you haven’t met that Jenni, you should too 🙂 }….
Anyway, my friend Jenni from Dear Lillie is doing a giveaway in which the prize is a beautiful dress. These are my faves:
So hop on over to her blog by clicking HERE to enter.
Thank you again to all of you. I can’t express how much I appreciate you all. Please stay tuned, I’ll be doing lots of little giveaways in the future.
Much love

7 thoughts on “Congratulations….

  1. Awww man, I was holding my breathe:) Like you said on Jenni's post, one of these days I'll win something!:) Congrats to Emily:)

  2. Congrats to Emily! Lucky her! I know it has been an incredibly difficult week for you and I am sure everyone will be understanding about the hoodie shipment! Keeping your family in my prayers!

  3. Prencie, I know!! Someday we'll win!! :)Thank you Jenni! I really appreciate your prayers they mean more than you could know. xoxo

  4. Yahoooo!! So happy I actually won something…and that it's for something I really wanted is all the better 🙂 ha! Can't wait to get yet another hoodie…

  5. Oh man, sorry Amy, I've been so sick that I didn't get a chance to enter this. Oh well…another time…and congrats Emily!

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