My Tuna Baby

Since Jake does so many hysterical antics around here, he tends to hog this blog a lot more than my sweet Evelyn.
So today {or tonight?…ugh so late, I can’t even tell you what time it is anymore}…I bring you my tuna baby.
That was a nice sized tuna sandwhich above, by the way, and she manages to eat these things with the only two teethers she has…those bottom two. She is such a funny girl, always laughing and giggling about something.
And she is SUCH A GOOD EATER. Seriously, she eats anything….as opposed to my crazy little man who eats only when he is made to{hence his little skinny self}. He is much more concerned with playing with his food or his utensils…like this cup:
It’s his “knight’s cup”- it has a helmet and shield made out of my coasters. Go figure…who would have come up with that?
Anyway, back to my baby love. Is she not precious? I was trying to get a picture of the tuna in her little tuff of hair, but she was too excited to smile at the camera.
So Lord, thank you for my little baby love. Thank you that I have one child that will eat anything, even stinky smelly tuna! šŸ™‚
Happy Easter weekend everyone! May you remember why we celebrate Easter…and rejoice in the beauty of the cross and the resurrection. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!
“…Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead… This Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ.ā€
Acts 17:3

7 thoughts on “My Tuna Baby

  1. What a stinkin' (literally, after all that tuna) precious baby girl! Seriously squeezable.Jake is crazy creative…I woulda never thought of something like that!

  2. She's such a doll baby… Wish we were closer so I could know her better. She's changed so much since August! Love youJ

  3. She is a beauty! And my oh my, how she is looking so much more like her big brother?!My kids are the same way with food, Kyan hardly eats anything, Lola is my eater!

  4. Your "Tuna" baby is such a doll! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Nate (my hubby) wanted me to have you tell your hubby hello as well! šŸ˜‰

  5. How does your child look SO MUCH like your brother's daughter? I mean seriously…they are clones…so weird. Anyway, so cute!

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