Hello World

Wow. What a long week this has been! I am amazed {you are probably relieved however} that I have not blogged for one week!
It has been a crazy busy week.
I am seriously wondering where in the world my head has gone cause I feel like someone plucked it off my body and I am wandering around brainless. Ok, I feel this way most the time actually, but I REALLY feel that way right now.
So so so tired.
The week started off with Easter, and it was a wonderful Easter. I have been wanting to blog about it all week, as it was a very special Easter for me, but I just haven’t had the time, so I will more than likely do two posts today. Gotta make up for my absence, you know. 🙂
The rest of the week went in this order:
kids sick
Evy gets an ear infection {again}
Hoodie catch up
Western District youth convention
hoodie catch up
Western District youth convention
Won’t say anything further about the kids being sick. If you are a mom, those 2 lines said enough. ugh.
 If you are familiar with Western District youth convention, you know how busy and stressful it can be. Especially now since Brandon is heavily involved and futhermore, since the 3,000+ student conference is located at our church here in Stockton. Brandon and I didn’t rest our heads on our pillows until at least one every morning, and last night it was 3AM. 😦
But I will say this….teenagers are AWESOME. Seriously. They are so cool and just make you smile. I had such a moment last night {or I should say this morning since it was 2 AM} when I watched 700+ teens pack into the SCS gym and cheer on a drum-off. The thought occurred to me that these kids could choose to be anywhere else on a Friday night, but they choose to be at a Christian youth function. For those kids I am willing to work my tail off. Or I should say Brandon works his tail off as he and the rest of our youth staff worked the after party in the gym. Either way, they are worth it.
We love you WD youth!
And hoodies. Have I ever shown you my factory?
This is it…and “the factory” is what we have lovingly dubbed my little hoodie sewing area- which is what used to be my living room. Thankfully my living room doesn’t always look like this, but this week, while I feverishly attempted to finish all my hoodies, it did. 😦
I have promised myself that by Monday my living room will be looking back to normal, at least for a little bit.
And the highlight of our week:
Our very good friends and fellow youth pastors David and Monique McGovern, along with their two beautiful girls, Anevay and Ambree, came to visit us. They drove up from San Diego area on Wed March 31 and David spoke in our youth service that night. Then they meandered their way into the City and Spent the weekend and the beginning of this week there, then they came back and stayed with us for the youth convention.
It was such a treat to have them and my kids LOVED it. We are so thankful for good friends who are also reaching for this generation.
Here are a couple pictures that David and Monique took while here:
The kids playing in our family room.
We woke up one morning and realized that Evy and Ambree had the same PJ’s on. Isn’t Ambree darling!?! And of course my baby…. 🙂

David speaking in actstwenty9

Anevay and Jake goofing off during youth service.
Thank you David and Monique for visiting! It seriously was a big highlight of the week for us! Love you guys!

4 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Amy, i did miss you blogging lol I didnt see you at Convention, but I did see your lovely hoodies sitting with Monica 🙂

  2. I MISSED YOU! Almost a whole week without you? Don't do that again!Congrats on getting the hoodies under control! I am so proud of you and your little shop!

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