Easter 2010

Evelyn’s first Easter!
And what a special Easter it was…
One thing about being a pastor that I don’t think many people understand is that you don’t usually get religious holidays off. For example, most churches offer some type of service on Christmas or Thanksgiving weekend…but ALL churches {at least that I know of} offer an Easter service. Futermore, Sundays, if you are employed by a church, are considered a work day- it is acutally a pastor’s Monday.
 Because of this, Brandon and I have never, during our married lifetime, spent an Easter in Santa Rosa with my side of the family, or any holiday that falls on a Sunday.
Although I never complain, and really love being in Stockton for Sunday holidays, Brandon knows that one of my greatest wishes would be to spend a Sunday holiday in Santa Rosa with my family.
Well, a day before Easter, I casually mentioned to Brandon that my sister was hosting Easter at her house in her brand new kitchen, and how I wish I could be there, especially since it was Evy’s first Easter. A couple hours later, Brandon informed me that he was able to use a vacation day and….
Oh wow, you could imagine my excitement!
So here are a few pictures and stories from our Easter….Evy’s first and our first as a family in Santa Rosa.
What a blessing!
Our family dressed for church.
Upclose the spastic version…
Brandon and his girl…
Me and my girl. A little blurry, but doesn’t Evy look so angelic?
Evy playing with my mom’s horse whip…
Jake dressed in my mom’s riding garb. We called him Prince William. πŸ™‚
My parents, my kids and me
We went to my mom’s church for Easter, The Promise Center, which is pastored by our good friends Chad and Heidi King. It was amazing! When they stepped into the pastoral role not quite 4 years ago, there were 50 people in attendance. On Easter Sunday they started their second service and averaged 500! Seriously, it was so incredible to visit. The people are so precious and so hungry for Bible teaching. Lives are being changed and as fellow pastors, we are just overjoyed for the Kings and what God is doing amongst their saints. So glad we got to participate in one service.
Lunch/Dinner at my sisters. Here is her new kitchen. I wish I had before pictures, but the dining area there was actually her original kitchen, the current kitchen was previously my nephew’s bedroom. The  house was  a two room house built in the 20’s and has been expanded consistently since. The kitchen was in DESPERATE need of renovation. I am so happy for my sister since that kitchen has caused serious tears over the years. πŸ™‚
Kids eating….
My mom, sister Pammy and Evy. Evy is wearing a Dainty Button headband. Soo cute!
My dad on his THIRD plate. I’ve mentioned before, but he has the metabolism of a teenager. Amazing.
My niece and nephew, Brandon and Brittany are homeschooled. My sister works very hard with them and is an amazing teacher. The kids are part of a speech class that is awesome! This year they traveled to San Diego and participated in a tournament…they did very well. They also won 3rd place in another tournament in Santa Rosa. You can read more about this by clicking HERE.  I am so very proud of them.
They decided to do a impromptu performance for us. They were INCREDIBLE. Brought tears to my eyes to see how good they did as I know how hard my sister and they have worked. Here they are performing a duo of their rendition of “By The Great Horn Spoon”.
And yes, Brittany is wear the “original” Hoot. πŸ™‚
After the dinner, we went back up to Mumsy and Gramp’s to open the kids Easter baskets, since we were running late for church in the morning and didn’t get to do it. My mom got the coolest stuff! Here’s Evy digging into hers….
And Jake with one of his fave things out of his incredible basket, a Mr. Potato Head. My dad thought it was cool also. πŸ™‚
Thank you Lord, for such a BEAUTIFUL Easter!! I feel so blessed to be able to spend this one with my family. Thank you also for dying on the cross and for the resurrection. Because of this, we are able to to have life, and have it more abundantly. We give you all the glory for our amazing life.
Hope your Easter was fantastic everyone! Thanks for following along with me. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Easter 2010

  1. I noticed the book "Alice the Fairy" in Evy's easter basket…SG LOVES that book! She is always saying that she is just a "temporary fairy" Fun!

  2. Aww:) Everyone looks so handsome and beautiful!:) In the pic of just Brandon and Evy, she's starting to look like Jacob. Glad you had such a great Easter!:)P.S. fyi, I changed my blog name to Princy n Paris instead of Garden Chic…to coordinate with my shop;)

  3. Did you sneak a picture in church? I think so and I am not sure why I think that is so funny?!Your family looks so beautiful on Easter and I am so happy that you were able to spend it with your side of the family! I often miss a lot of "my side" of the family celebrations because they are in NE, but I guess it makes it that much more special when I get to be with them! I never really thought of it from your perspective and how that is a day you usually never get off, glad your hubby was able to sneak away and get you much needed time with the family!Your pictures together are beautiful!

  4. So glad you could come for Easter! It was very special to have you all there – fish death and all! πŸ™‚ Our kitchen does look great in the pictures and so thankful to have the room as the rain just wouldn't stop. What a special day – love you!

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