It's An Adventure Alright…

Our life I mean, and I think I aptly named our blog because I am seriously wondering how much more exciting my little life can become.
Today, oh boy. I really, really could give Jake up to the next gypsy band who comes to my door.
Or I should say I “feel” like giving him up. Because as soon as they stashed him in their little caravan wagon, I would probably be running right after them to get him back.
But today I was sorely tempted.
The kids are still sick, although Evy is getting better thanks to the antibiotics she is on. Jake however, seems worse. I think I’m going to have to call Dr. B. tomorrow. 😦 But because of this, I felt it would be unwise to take him out in the cold rainy weather this morning, which meant no church for us today.
The morning has gone fine, but around 2:30 ish I am cleaning up the kitchen and the kids are playing in the living room when I  take a bathroom break. Something in side of me tells me to take Evy with me, and even though taking either of the kids to the bathroom with me is a MAJOR PAIN, I snatch her up.
A few minutes later I come back into the kitchen and find Jake, comet bottle in hand, and half of the bottle empited out on the kitchen table. Also sitting on the table was the bottle of Fantastic and the Windex bottle. They both had been sprayed all over the pile of comet. Remnants of the coment are scattered all over the floor. Thank God I took Evy…all that stuff would have gone straight into her mouth.
My table finish is ruined {not that it wasn’t already, but it really is now}. And Jake was standing there feeling really bad and complainig of burning from the Fantastic on his feet.
I send him straight to the bath to clean up, plop him in and walk away to go get him new clothes. I come back a few minutes later and he had squeezed out 1/2 a tube of Butt Paste into the bath.
Frustrated I tell him to get in the shower, which thankfully doesn’t yield anything interesting.
A little while later I am trying to read a couple of my fave blogs, latte in hand to calm my nerves, while my kids play. About 5 minutes into it, I notice it has become very quite, I look behind me and find that Jake had taken out all of Brandon’s cuff links, was organzing them on the ground, and had Brandon’s fuzz buster and was doing a number to his hoodie he had on.
I really have no words at this point, and spanking…well, I’m sure you can tell it hasn’t been working today.
I put him straight to bed and tell him to stay there. A few minutes later he comes back SOAKED.
He had dumped his humidifier all over himself  and his bed and his carpet.
WOW. Sorry, no picture of that one. I was too frustrated.
And then, after he is sent back to bed, Brandon goes to check on him a few minutes later and he is gone. We call and call for him, finally to find him hinding under the dining room chair.
Um, yeah, no picture of that one either.
I really do have one mischievious child. Or maybe they are all that way? Or maybe I am just a bad parent? Or maybe I need to learn new tatics on how to get my child to obey?
{Sorry, please don’t give any negative feedback- at this point, I just can’t take it- I’ve already eaten my stress away with See’s Rocky Road and feeling pretty bad about myself right about now.}
Either way…. all day I have been thinking about God and His love for us. How He is our Father and how He loves us just as much as I love Jake, maybe even more. How I’m not sure I ever really understood His love for us until I have had kids. I’m not sure I have ever really understood that overwhelming love that swings back and forth like a pendulum, one minute sooo very frustrated, but the other minute so consumed with love that you just can’t stay mad. I really would do anything for that boy.
I liken it to grace.
So God, thank you for sending me Jake. I have no idea why I got the crazy one, but I would like to think its to make me grow as a Christian. To help me understand Your love and to enable me to share Your incredible love with those around me.
Thank you God, and please, please…maybe you could have Jake obey just for one day tomorrow? Thank you.

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
Romans 5:8

8 thoughts on “It's An Adventure Alright…

  1. Oh Ames, I was just crying to Nate about how I feel like I am such a bad mom… All grouchy, snappy and disciplinary. My kids are going through such a season that most days I feel like hiding in my closet with chocolate and pride and prejudice. Being a mom is hard, the hardest job there is – take that Pres Obama – I can run circles around any executive with my stress levels, worries, daily demands and concerns. Hang in there – don't let him push you over. Establish your boundaries and when it gets really bad, come see me and we can hide in the closet with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth together.I love you!

  2. Amy, I dont know how you do it!!! Im tired from just ready your blog! lolI do have to say though reading your blog makes me want to hold of a lil longer on having kids and I sure Jeff would thank you very much. Love youp.s. Dont forget to breathe.

  3. Amy & Janelle – All moms experience the feelings that you are expressing. Not all moms have the experience I had though….. Timothy was about 5 when he asked for his favorite meal for supper (meat, potatoes & carrots). Knowing I didn't have any meat thawed, I told him no that I would have to fix something fast. (This was on our way home after I had worked all day.) He was sitting calmly in the back seat and said: "Mom, do you remember the other day when you were praying and you asked God to help you be a good mother?" Wondering what he was thinking, I replied…. "yes…" He waited a few moments and then said….. "Well, He didn't, did He?" LOLThat has been a major joke for many years now – but….. Know that you ARE a good mom (if you weren't, you wouldn't be concerned about some of the things Jake does). And know that God knows exactly where you are and what you are going through – continue to see lessons in each day (such as the one you just expressed regarding Grace). Be not weary in well-doing – and remember that I love you!ss

  4. Okay- So I am exhausted- wait- I just read this and I a tired. Girl I remember those days (AND I HATED IT WHEN PEOPLE USED TO SAY THAT TO ME). I rememer a day when Emma decided what would happenif you mixed eggs and flour on the floor would look like- ughhhhhI have been so behind on reading blogs- loved this- You are the greatest!

  5. KIDS!!! They can be sooo difficult sometimes. I hear you I have a couple of those myself. I like what someone else told youBREATHEI so this to myself and another one isThis to shall pass:)

  6. Oh Mama – wish I was there to help you or just be there to bring you some starbucks…do you even like starbucks ('cause I hate it, but I do love unsweet ice tea from Mickey D's!)? Hope that today was a better day!Big hugs coming your way!

  7. OMW!!! How did I miss this post? I read your blog every chance I get & I missed this! Sorry Amy, but I am cracking up at these pictures. The Comet & Fantastic picture- well, is just fantastic! There are days that I say- Lord, help me through this day….and if that does not work….I take a little time out. I wish I could jump in the car & drive away from it all sometimes, but just when I want to get away- Harrison comes over and bear hugs me & says- Mom, I love you so much. Time outs do not work for me, so I use every tactic I can to get my son to listen to me- bribing with the dragon toys in a happy meal….art supplies…..books…whatever it takes to get him to clean up, listen, put things away, etc. Then we play a clean up game. We have a race to see who can clean up the fastest- I put the dishes away & Harrison tries to clean up his room before I am done. It has been working so far. LOL

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