Hoodie 411 and Le Papier Studio Giveaway

Ok, first I must say, I have been meaning to acknowledge that I know I spell “hoodie” wrong. I completely realize that the correct spelling is HOODY, but I love the way HOODIE looks and since this is my little business, well, I guess I get to make the rules now don’t I? hehe
oh boy
If you were wanting a Black Brilla in either adult and/or mini sizes, I do have a pile of unfinished hoodies and there are some adult black brillas and a bunch of minis. I will also have the following:
Womens Black Brillas-Unisex L and XL- a true to size fit for XL and XXL $49.50
A couple Red Brillas for both adult and mini {no picture yet of that one}$49.50/$39.50
ONE mini Kate in Chocolate, size 2- $39.50
A full range of sizes of Mini Spring Hoots $39.50
Mini Spring Hoot tees sizes 2-6 {no picture of those yet} Price TBA
Four tee shirt styles for women, sizes S-L {no pictures yet} Price TBA
And maybe another surprise or two.
Those all will be completed the week of the 26th. I am taking preorders for the Black Brillas and the Mini Spring Hoots….so if you are interested and willing to patiently wait for the hoodies, please send me an etsy convo or email me at evystree@gmail.com.
And one more exciting bit of news. I am sure all of my good blog friends as well as my friends in “real life” who have seen me walking around like a zoombie, have wondered how in the world I am going to keep up with the hoodies as it seems that I can barely keep up as it now.
I have hired an extra seemstress. πŸ™‚ She will be helping me complete the hoodies by making particular styles and doing piecework for me weekly. She is a very good seamstress, much better than me, and I am so so excited about this. I hope to hire a couple more in the future, to help ease the load. I just couldn’t keep up the pace and maintain my sanity. So please, say a great big thank you for me to the Lord for working that all out. I thought for sure I was going to die of sleep deprivation, ha.
And in closing…
I want to introduce you to an awesome blog and etsy shop that I have just recently starting following.
Le Papier Studio makes the most adorable silhouette paper products, I think you will just love it. I am planning on placing an order today for Evy’s birthday invites. Anyway, she is doing a giveaway and has three prizes.
The first two people will get:
The Grand prize winner will get:
So check it out by clicking HERE.
Oh and one more thing…Brandon has this week off!! Whoohoo! So excited to have my guy home with me. Our house is a home when he is around. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Hoodie 411 and Le Papier Studio Giveaway

  1. Funny cause I just found Le Papier Studio recently also, I think it was when they were featured on the front page. So when is Evy's BIG day:)? I just love birthdays!!

  2. I know aren't they great?Evy's day is May 5, I REALLY need to get on it. The problem is one of our best friends is getting married on Sat may 8 and May 1 brandon is out of town, so still trying to find a day to hold the party. SHEESH. Such a loser I am! 😦

  3. awwww, congrats to Evy! My oldest also turns 15 on May 5th…eek! where has the time gone??? than the little guy will be 1 on June 3rd…boo hoo….they just grow so fast!congrats on the biz…happy its doing well for you…really, REALLLY thinking about the Black Brilla….hmmmm…..lol…xoxoSteph

  4. Oh my word!! Girl you better get on it!! May 5th is just around the corner! Cinco de Mayo!!! Yyayayaeeyayyippyipyipha!! Ok, that was me doing my Mexican yelp:) My husband reminds me of how Mexican I am when i do it!!:) LOL!!! Are you doing a big bash or just a small private family birthday?Oh yes, I forgot to mention how jealous I am that you are getting help!!:) That's awesome!! You go girl!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I know Steph…I remember that your guy was born on May 5th. Too cool. At least you have the Hispanic background though to have a cinco de mayo baby. poor evys going to be a white whte white baby eating enchiladas on her bday every year. HAI keep meaning to mention that this last batch is the LAST of the mint green polka dot brillas. so if you are partial to the mint green, I would snag one. :)xoxo

  6. Love the fact that you have help- Good for your girl- Love the link. Thanks for posting this. Happy Day ahead for you!

  7. So glad you have someone to help you. SO excited for your business and the success you have had! Yay Amy!! We were so bad about Lane's 1st Birthday- it was mid December, and we celebrated the 2nd week of January. OOPS. The Le Papier Studio has beautiful invites. Thanks for sharing their site.

  8. I spell hoodie just like you do! Then again, I claim to be the world's worst speller (thank God for spell check and my 8th grade students for the constant reminder)! Hired help! Congrats! Means you must be doing pretty good!!!

  9. Thanks Mande for telling me about Lane…that makes me feel better, ha!And Jenni, I'm glad I'm not alone! πŸ™‚ hehe.As far as the hiring, she is doing piecework which means she gets a percentage off each hoodie I sell. So it doesn't necessarily mean I'm rolling in the dough, ha, it just means that I am willing to give up a little to make a little if that makes sense. Hopefully by doing this I can relieve myself of some stress and then have a steady inventory as well. At least that's the plan…. πŸ™‚

  10. Oh my – we are so much alike! Haha! I discovered Le Papier Studio a little while ago and fell and love and am planning on ordering some Mother's Day gifts from there – the little lockets and necklaces with Lillie's silhoutte…..speaking of that I probably should order them soon so it's not too late!

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