New Hoodies for Spring

Just a couple of new hoodies:
The Brilla in Red
Sizes available:
This hoodie is limited and will not be made again. I have ONE hoodie per size.
The Brilla- Stripe
Sizes Available:
S, M, L, XL
If you are interested in a true to size XL and XXL, please let me know
And …
The Mini Brilla- Red
This hoodie is limited and will not be made again. I have ONE hoodie per size.
And lastly…what do you think about these?
Mini Spring Love
Made this one for a friend, but I am considering making some to offer in the shop…yes?
Mini Kate in Chocolate
I had one size 2 ordered by mistake so I thought I would make it into a Kate. It’s sold, but would anyone be interested in others? could do sizes 2-8
These will all be listed Monday night sometime.
Tee’s are listed. You can see more info about them HERE

10 thoughts on “New Hoodies for Spring

  1. Amy, LOVE your new hoodies!!! The black/white stripe and the red mini brilla are so stinkin cute!!Isabella might need that mini brilla! Do the sizes run true?Sorry, I'm sure you've probably mentioned the sizing and all but I really don't remember! : )

  2. Thanks Melanie! :)The hoodies tend to run a size small, especially the womens, but the kids might not be AS bad. Although, since they are kids, I recommend everyone order a size up, cause you know they will eventually grow into it and the hoodie is 100% cotton.Here's American Apparel's size chart if you're {or anyone else} interested under kids tops. hope that helps! :)xoxo

  3. Nooooooo…another one I absolutely LOVE. The striped brilla is amazing. What are you trying to do to my bank account?!

  4. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! So nice to meet you too! Love your hoodies and shirts! They are beautiful! I'll have to check out your etsy shop! I love handmade stuff! It's the best! Hope you have a great week!HanaMomTog Diaries

  5. Hana! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Love your blog. :)And to everyone else…hoodies will be listed at 6PM on esty tonight. 🙂

  6. The red mini Brilla is sooooo adorable and so fun looking! I will have to get one of those for Lillie! (I am in a tad bit of trouble right now for going a bit crazy buying her dresses so I may have to hold off a bit =)….Also I loved the striped one!!! You do such fabulous work, Amy!

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