Facebook Memorial Day Fun

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!! I hope you are all having a wonderful and blessed weekend and Sunday.
I decided to do something fun this weekend for those of you on facebook. How would like to win one of these?
Here’s how…
Click the “share” button, which is located right underneath the photo albums on the Evy’s Tree fan page, and suggest that all your friends join the fan page. Then come back to the page and write on Evy’s Tree wall. Your name will be entered in a drawing for a tee of your choice.
I will pick a winner on Monday evening sometime….so click HERE to access the fanpage and start sharing!
And Lastly, I was very unhappy with my photos for the Lacey Zip Up in chocolate. I just didn’t feel they showed the correct color. So I played with some more and got some I am happy with- that show the closest true color as possible.
Don’t forget to enter to win one by clicking HERE.

Dear Target and etc.

Dear Target,
I love your store. Since one of your very incredible locations is just down the street from my house, I am there almost every day. I find so much pleasure in strolling your aisles with a latte in hand pushing a cart full of items that I probably don’t need. You see your store is a mommy’s dreamland…a one stop shop. I can buy all the essentials, TP, shampoo, play clothes for the entire family {and some church items too!}, diapers, movies, toys, outdoor items, flowers, plants, etc.
Seriously, for $100 {which is usually how much I spend at your store} I can get so much. I LOVE TARGET.
But I have a favor to ask of you. Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top…stop introducing to your store new and exciting name brand items made only for Target for a wonderful price. My pocket book just can’t take anymore. You about did me in when you started stocking Rachel Ashwell Simple Shabby Chic, now this:
Giada salad dressings and pasta sauce?!? oh boy!! I just could NOT buy only one. Sure, compared the $12.99 I would have paid at Williams Sonoma, I paid only $2.99…but I bought THREE!! So you still get my $12.99…well ok, not quite that amount, but pretty close.
And Caldera lotion. Well, enough said! 😦
I know I should be greatful, but I only went to your store for a quick trip to get 2 gallons of milk and some thank you cards. And when I left well…
So Target, I beg you please be considerate of us Mom’s who have no self control. Think about us when you debate about whether or not you will introduce Valentino just for Target…
Um wait, if you introduce Valentino just for your store…call me first. I will be your first customer!
Oh boy.
Yesterday was a packed day for my husband and I. Check out this short video for his blog that Brandon put together chronicling a day in the life of a youth pastor. And check out those hash browns…WOW!! Poor guy…
{BTW…you should head over and check out Brandon’s blog by clicking HERE}
So this afternoon he decided he was going to tackle the hashbrowns again…
They were FAB!!  Good job, Babe!!
Happy Sunday to you all!

Confessions of a Tired Mom

There is a very good possibilty that I have already used that title. But I am too tired to check, so sorry if so.
Are there any fellow Mommies out there that are as tired as me? Seriously, I can barely keep my eyes open lately.
Between staying up {wayyyy too late} to finish orders, keeping the house {semi} clean, {trying} to keep on top of the laundry {even though I washed the same load three times this weekend!}, {attempting} to conversate with my husband who seems equally busy, {not very successfully} keeping up with my exercise, cooking fresh, wholesome {somewhat, at least} meals….
Well, I guess you can see why I am tired.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being home with my kids…but its super hard work and I have two words for you people:
Yup, I am learning it’s valuable beacause all I have to say is…I wonder if I even speak adult-ese anymore? It seems like everytime I get away from my kids and I get to spend time with legal voters, I get a glazed over look and start drifting off into lala land.
What in the world is everyone talking about?!?
I’m embarrassed to say that between raising my kids, working with young people and my little hoodie business, I have lost contact with the world outside of those three things. Like apparently there has been a volcano in Iceland that shut down most of Europe’s airways last month? Well, yeah, I looked like an idiot when I cluelessly told my brother {who has no kids, is very involved with current affairs AND lives in Europe} that I had no idea what he was talking about when he said his flight to the States might be canceled because of it.
What I do know is this:

{I’ve been playing with actions…so bear with me!}
I seriously need locks on my cabinet {which Brandon is in process of installing this weekend}. I know, its amazing we made it without them throughout Jake’s first years but believe me when I say HE WAS NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED. Evy, on the other hand, sheesh. She has to be into everything. And yes, when the Dr asked me at every well-baby check up with Jake if we had them on the cabinet doors, I smiled and nodded my head…’cause we did…on the two Jake liked. Shhhh! Sorry Dr. B.
And despite the fact that I don’t really know what’s going on out there {which I am attempting to fix…I have been logging on to msnbc.com again, whew}, I know that apparently I have done something right ’cause Jake can storytell REALLY well!!

Yes, that is a very old Search for Truth Bible study chart that Jake must have found somewhere around the house and yes he is retelling the destruction of Jerusalem, but it sounded like this:
“And then the Knights took the men and said, ‘We are going to defeat you!’
But the men said, ‘No you’re not!’
Bam, bam, pow,pow {Jake’s fighting sound effects}
Whoohoo, we won, we won! We got them!
And this Soilder {pointing to the “knights”}, he’s very brave, Mommy!”
Yeah, I know, not really super spiritual and kinda sad that he drifted to the distruction page instead of the love, joy peace page? Oh boy.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, tired.
I’m tired. Very, very tired. And I have a movie that I rented from Redbox that has been sitting in the DVD player for THREE nights in a row. Brandon gets it cued up and then I crash, or I sew, or I clean. And he goes to bed, sick of waiting for me.
So tonight, my dear friends, I will not sew, I will not clean… I will put the kids down for bed and the REST. Because even God rested…and I’m so glad He did!! 🙂
On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work, Genesis 2:2

Dear Lillie Giveaway…

Well, I have seen a lot of blogs make a post on Dear Lillie’s giveaway…but I thought I would also jump in.
A while back I was sharing with you how I met some great people through blogging and one is Jenni, who runs Dear Lillie. She is such a sweetie and has become a great friend who has been an excellent support in the etsy world. Her mom, Heidi is also wonderful…she made Evy’s tutu for her first birthday party. Isn’t it adorable?!:
Anyway, she is doing another fab giveaway…this time she is giving two items, a beautiful Adeliene dress to the grand prize winner and a screenprinted tee to the runner up.
Pretty cool, huh?!
Hop on over and enter, if you haven’t already…the giveaway ends on Monday! Thanks Jenni for the awesome giveaway, you guys are the best!
Click HERE.
Don’t forget to enter in Evy’s Tree giveaway of a beauitful Lacey Zip Up
You can enter the giveaway by clicking HERE

Princy n' Paris Giveaway

Yesterday I talked a little about meeting wonderful ladies in the blogging world and I introduced you to 40 Toes Photography.
Well, today I would like to introduce you to Princy n’ Paris.
I first met Prencie, who runs Princy n’ Paris, while commenting on the Joyfolie blog, which was formerly Mia Joie. Come to find out, I went to Bible College with one of Prencie’s high school friends! How cool is that?!? And what a small world!
Anyway, Prencie is the sweetest person ever and  makes the most adorable headband, brooches and hair pieces…
She even did one to match my Mini Brilla hoodie…she made a headband for baby and a clip for big girls and Mommy too!
And she is doing a giveaway…$30 credit towards anything in her store. Seriously, I am hoping I win, there are SEVERAL things I am eyeing!  Head on over to enter by clicking HERE
And don’t forget the Evy’s Tree giveaway…you can enter every day if you like!! Click HERE to do so.

Balancing Life

Remember the teeter totters from your nursery school playground? Do you recall the countless hours you probably spent as a child going up and down, up and down, from one side of the teeter totter to the next.
Well sometimes I feel like life is a teeter totter. Full of a range of emotions. One minute you feel joy and the next moment…the opposite.
“I LOVE my new camera!” to “For the love of God and all that is good, HOW DO YOU WORK THIS THING?!?”}
Anyway, this past week has been a teeter totter week. Full of such extreme joy with a few interesting, sometimes heartbreaking moments mixed in. I’m going to give you a little picture walkthrough of our week, compliments of our wonderful new camera! 🙂
On Tuesday, Brandon’s tooth was hurting so badly we had to rush him to the Dentist. One very LONG drive to Santa Rosa to see my family dentist and A VERY BAD cavity later {actually, a near root canal, and we’re still not out of the woods, still in pain :(}…here is our prize.
Teeter totter low….
Teeter totter swings up on Wednesday night. My two precious babies are ready for church and how can you not resist this munchkin? Wearing your dress, Emily! {pants still too big..bummer }
Or this one, who is in his favorite hiding spot
Thursday the teeter totter swung to a mixed HIGH and LOW…high that we got to have our friends the Younkins over for dinner, low that they will be leaving Stockton in a few short weeks and starting a church plant in Sparks/Reno area. Please pray for them…and for us. We will miss them!
Friday was a BIG teeter totter in the up direction. Brandon was asked to be the keynote speaker at Stockton Christian School’s high school graduation. This was a big honor to Brandon as 11 years ago {should have been 12, if Brandon had did his school work..shh, don’t repeat that} Brandon graduated from SCS. He was so excited to be asked to speak to the students.
Kris and Kate got married. So beautiful. So special. We loved every minute of it. The teeter totter of life was good that day….even when it came to these two:
This is Jake and Emma Love, Kate’s niece and my dear friend Heidi’s daughter. Jake and Emma love each other and if you were to ask Jake who he is going to marry he will tell you very emphatically, “Emma Love King”.
Well, these little guys are two peas in a pod. Seriously. They are going to either love each other to bits or get on each other’s last nerve, but they are HYSTERICAL together- very, very crazy. They run around like chickens with their heads cut off most of the time.
Well, actually, this picture probably describes them well:
And another good thing that day…my brother Brad, who lives in London, was in town and was able to make it to the wedding. Jake was so excited…although he looks a little mad here, probably because he was being made to sit still while Emma Love ransacked the church all by herself.
On Tuesday the teeter totter was working overtime. We spent lunch at In n Out {seriously the best hamburgers EVER} with Brandon’s sister, Brittony and her boyfriend Shawn…
Our cousin Brooke and her daughter Maddie were also there…
Even though we were at In n Out and all together…we were there for a very sad reason. Brooke, Jon and Maddie are moving to St. Louis and they were leaving that afternoon. Lots of tears were shed {which explains why no pictures of me or Brooke}. We will miss them sooo very much. Maddie is the only cousin  Jake’s age {they are 5 months apart} who has lived near us. They love each other.
ACK…must stop talking about it. Big tears again.
Jake gave Maddie a picture of the two of them to remember their crazy times together.
So back to the teeter totters.
Did you ever notice during your school yard tenure that if you positioned yourself JUST SO in the middle of the teeter totter that the board would go perfectly straight?
Sometimes I wish I could find that perfect balanced point and ride life through like that. But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it? Because the ups and downs the back and forth…the teeter totter of life…is what makes the joys so much more rewarding. It makes life worthwhile.
So, Lord, help me to remember that the teeter totter of life is necessary. Help me, in the process, to not miss the “YOU” moments…the moments when I see your hand in every day circumstances. Thank you for keeping our little family wrapped in your arms. Its so good know that despite what we face, we have You on our side.
“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.”
Proverbs 18:10

PS…if any of you young people missed A29 youth service tonight…you must ask Pastor Brandon to hear the message. Incredible. Thank you Babe for encouraging us to not give God our “leftovers”. Such a powerful thought.


40 Toes Photography Giveaway!

I have some great friends in this blogging world. I really, really do. I am so thankful for all of them. They have been such a blessing in such a crazy and unsocial moment in my life. Staying at home is A LOT harder than it looks, especially for someone who craves adult interaction. HA.
Anyway, blogging has been such a great way for me to connect with other great moms, stay at home and working alike.
I would like to share a couple of them with you over the next couple of days. They are all doing great giveaways, and I think you should know about it.
40 Toes Photography
I cannot say enough about Jenn. She is a mom to FOUR beautiful children, 3 boys and 1 girl! And they always look amazing…how does she do it?!?
Anyway, Jenn is such a sweetheart. I “met” her through a mutual online friend and she has been not only a wonderful customer but a great photographer to boot. Here are a couple of her shots she took for me and Evy’s Tree.
Here is her precious Stella Marie wearing my Mini Brilla. Still have a couple of these left!
I love this one. Two Evy’s Tree Hoodies on her babies…the Mini Brilla again and The Ronnie.
The Ronnie again. Isn’t her little man just precious?!?
Stella Marie modeling my Mini Hoot…this is an old listing. I have one left in the shop…hurry, its on sale!!
Jenn and her kiddos all dressed in Evy’s Tree. I love it.
this is wonderful Jenn. She is wearing my Plus Size Brilla, XXL. This is an excellent example of well they fit. If you are interested in purchasing a Plus Size hoodie, or true to size XL and XXL, I can make most of my items in the shop for the same price.
Thank you Jenn for modeling for me-you are such a beautiful person, inside and out. And you look so great in Evy’s Tree!!
Jenn is doing a great giveaway on her blog. She has just recently started sewing and is making a custon shirt or dress for your little princess you choose.
To enter, run on over by clicking HERE.
And don’t forget to enter my newest Lacey Zip Up giveaway by clicking HERE.