Happy Birthday Evelyn!

One year ago today, at 1:15 in the morning, my baby girl
 Evelyn Margaret Wollmer Miraflor
arrived into this world.
She weighed 6lbs 3oz and was 20 inches long.
and she had blonde hair and navy blue eyes…
This baby was a Wollmer from day one.
And she stole our hearts.
Evy, we love you so much. You brighten my every day with your two-tooth grin. You are Jake’s biggest fan. And you make your Daddy’s heart melt. I hope you have many more wonderful and blessed years to come. We thank the Lord for bringing you into our lives. You are truely have been the life in our world!
Evy’s First Birthday
Tues, May 4th
We had Evy’s birthday party last night, and what a great party it was! Many of our good friends and family were able to come out and celebrate with us. We had a dessert party…a bunch of yummy sweets to honor our little girl, because what girl doesn’t LOVE dessert?!? 🙂  We had soo many wonderful pictures, thanks to my sister’s awesome camera! Sorry for the excess pictures, but I had to share some of them…and document this special day for my baby girl.
Evy all dressed up for her party. Wearing a Dear Lillie Tutu {Seriously the best tutu I have ever seen and so so reasonably priced} and a Joyfolie headband.
So I COMPLETELY forgot to get a picture of my table all decorated and the baby book set out for friends to sign. I took a picture this morning with our horrible camera. YUCK…and you can see the mess on the table haha. But I think you can get the idea.
Mumsy, my mom, with Evy.
The dessert….
Fabulous fruit from Edible Arraignments…our friends Jen and Stephan own the one on Trinity Parkway here in Stockton. MUST HAVE for any party!!
Ok, I’m a loser, but I’m a sucker for Costco’s chocolate cake. Seriously, I have tried many other cake recipes and have never found one I like as much as thiers. So cheesy, I know…but here is a decorated Costco cake! ha
Coconut cake…the cake my sister in law Lia introduced to me almost 15 years ago. I have made it for pretty much every birthday party {as has Lia 🙂 } I have had the last several years. If you want the recipe, email me. You won’t regret it!!
So I was supposed to make cupcakes too, but at the last minute I got overwhelmed and called Kat’s Cakes and got these. So glad I did!! They turned out darling!
The roses on the
top tier of this stand are called Evelyn. They are my favorite rose and smell just heavenly. I was thrilled to bits that my Evelyn rose bush had its first flush this weekend. Perfect timing!!
This little cake is so special. My niece Brooke is taking a cake baking/decorating class and she made this for Evy. Didn’t she do a good job?
Me and my girl…I love her!!!
Could anything be sweeter?
My sister, me and Evy. My sister is the best sister anyone could ever ask for, and one of my bestest friend on this planet. I thank God daily for her. She does so much for me!
Evy’s bib was a gift made by my good friend Alisha. 🙂
Evy with her cousins, Brooke, Brittany, and Emma. Emma is the cousin who Evy looks just like as a baby. 🙂
My dear friend Elisha and her girls Ava and Alayna. Elisha was such a trooper! She dressed her girls up as ballerinas to match the tutu theme, and then she wore her leotard and tutu as well. Did I mention that Elisha is a real ballerina? Well she is, so that explains why it looked so good on her! 🙂
Getting ready for cake. Evy’s beautiful bib was handmade by my friend Melanie, of Lollipopprincess, who was at the party. Seriously, if you need a good bib like this, you much contact her. it is just DARLING!
Singing to the birthday girl {who’s chowing down on some fruit, hehe…my kind of girl!}
The first birthday mess..
We tried so hard to get a decent picture of all the tutu girls {and Jake} but do you have any idea how hard it is to get little kids to pose for a camera? IMPOSSIBLE. So this is what we got.
Opening gifts…which Daddy mainly did while Evy wiggled in my lap.
If these aren’t the faces of over-enthusiastic parents I don’t know what is?!? Wow!
You can’t see Evy’s face, but this was a doll given to her by her Uncle Abel and Auntie Judy Miraflor.
Her reaction to the doll was AWESOME!! She was so excited at first, but then when we took it out of the box, she couldn’t decide if she should clap or scream!
And of course…after the presents, we are exhausted and so cuddly. I love you Evelyn!!
Just a little note…
My nieces were the ones taking most of the picutres last night and since they have to be so true to form, they had fun taking random pictures. Just a couple of the many CRAZY ones I found on the disc. 🙂
We love you Evy!!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Evelyn!

  1. Happy Birthday Evy! Oh my, didn't she look like the pretty princess birthday girl in her tutu (and what a cool theme for a party, gonna steal that one for Lola for sure)!My favorite picture has to be the one of her looking at you, with fruit in mouth, while you are singing to her! You can see her love and admiration I think in that single shot! She is a beauty!Happy Birthday Evelyn!

  2. Jenni, I know! I love that one too! And the tutu theme was so fun, I would totally recommend it. Everyone had a blast. I wanted to order a tutu for me from Dear lillie but ran out of time, so I went and bought a cheap one at some party store. OH MY WORD…I looked RIDICULOUS!! haha. So I didn't end up wearing it. I would completely recommend the dear lillie tutus for Lola. They are just so nice and come packaged beautifully!xoxooh ps. …I promise I have a package for you. I am running soooo behind. 😦 I'm sorry!

  3. HAppy Birthday Evy!!!! These are adorable pics!!!!! I love seeing families that are soooo in love with their kids!!!!!

  4. The tutu theme was so cute with all the little girls running around 🙂 Evy looked so darling in hers.Oh…and still laughing about Evy and the doll, she was too cute yelling and giggling at it.I hope she is having a good 1st birthday today 🙂

  5. Love these pics Amy!!! What a wonderful 1st Birthday. Evy & mama looked fabulous! Evy's tutu is the prettiest one I have ever seen. And that headband is gorgeous!!Thanks so much for sharing this post. I have been looking forward to seeing the Birthday photos. Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!!

  6. Oh Happy Birthday Lovey Evy! Amy your so blessed with such beautiful children! You & Evy looked so beautiful last night…Really Amy you look amazing in all the photos. Lovely memories you are building and allowing us all to see. I want to see you in that tutu Amy! I mean it! Thanks for including us on Evy's important day. Loves hugs & kiss's.

  7. Happy 1st Birthday Evy! We had such a great time at your tutu party! Loved the coconut cake you made…I can't wait to make it. : )Amy you looked so pretty as the proud mommy!

  8. Happy Birthday, Evy! What a beautiful girl and what a beautiful party! She is just darling. And I know I have mentioned this a few times now, but I LOVE the new look of both of your blogs! They have turned out so fabulously!

  9. I can't believe she's already 1! Great post…I love all the decor and the outfits. Y'all are the cutest.

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