Understanding Mom

As a child and a teenager, I remember hearing my mom say things like:
“Be nice to your brother.”
“If you don’t listen to me I’m going to send you to your room”
“Call me when you get there.”
“Call me if you are going to be late.”
“Give me a kiss goodbye”
And I remember thinking…
“Why should I be nice to my brother? He’s such a pain!”
“Fine. Send me to my room, I’ll do it anyways.”
“Oh brother, do I really have to call her everywhere I go?”
“Does it matter if I’m going to be late?”
“Can’t I kiss you tomorrow?”
Motherhood is so misunderstood.
I realize that now that I am a mother.
I understand now.
She loved me.
She was a mother.
And sometimes being a mother means you won’t be understood until your own kids become mothers {and/or fathers}. Because really, being mother doesn’t mean its about YOU as the mom, it means its all about the babies. Its about the people who make you a mom…Your children.
So mom, thank you. Thank you for loving us. And even though I didn’t understand all the time then, I want you to know I understand a little bit better now.
And kids…I know you may not understand now. But someday, I know you will. I love you. Thank you for making me a mother!
A beautiful poem written by my friend….
Not Just Another Day” …. from me to Oliver who makes me a Mom
by Kamala Burton
On Mother’s day you are highlighting me
But in my heart it’s really about you
When we are apart
Snippets of thoughts of you
Skip through my brain out of nowhere
And bring a smile to my lips
That occasionally escapes as laughter

When you are around I relate better to others
I have something in common with
Those I would normally miss
In your company conversations open up
And I see you make others smile
They just can’t help themselves
And neither can I

You bring out affection in me
With your constant
“I love you, Mom’s”
And those eager embraces around
My legs or waist
Or my face in your tiny hands
When you pull me close for a kiss

Because of you I am more me
I am not as afraid
To express who I really am
I can’t be fake in your presence
You see and hear everything
And reflect back to me my feelings
Because you are still so sensitive

I am hopeful when I think of
The fusion of genes in your compact body
Because they have greater potential to
Create the person I am not;
One who’s empathy is coupled with drive
And boldness accompanies dreams

Since you came into my life
Appearance doesn’t matter as much
I have a new confidence that comes
From purpose on the inside
And without you this would be
just another day for me

Happy Mother’s Day to all my dear friends! You are special and loved!

10 thoughts on “Understanding Mom

  1. This is such a sweet post!!!! You are soooo pretty and you have a gorgeous family! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! Love Jenn

  2. everything you said was so true, until you are a mama, those sayings don't make a whole lot of sense!what a beautiful poem! LOVE that picture of you guys! Your hair…so gorgeous!happy mother's day!

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