Princy n' Paris Giveaway

Yesterday I talked a little about meeting wonderful ladies in the blogging world and I introduced you to 40 Toes Photography.
Well, today I would like to introduce you to Princy n’ Paris.
I first met Prencie, who runs Princy n’ Paris, while commenting on the Joyfolie blog, which was formerly Mia Joie. Come to find out, I went to Bible College with one of Prencie’s high school friends! How cool is that?!? And what a small world!
Anyway, Prencie is the sweetest person ever and  makes the most adorable headband, brooches and hair pieces…
She even did one to match my Mini Brilla hoodie…she made a headband for baby and a clip for big girls and Mommy too!
And she is doing a giveaway…$30 credit towards anything in her store. Seriously, I am hoping I win, there are SEVERAL things I am eyeing!  Head on over to enter by clicking HERE
And don’t forget the Evy’s Tree giveaway…you can enter every day if you like!! Click HERE to do so.

4 thoughts on “Princy n' Paris Giveaway

  1. Awww! Thank you Mande and Kristin!!:) I tend to think so Kristin but of course I'm her mommy and what mommy doesn't think their kids are the cutest!!:) hee hee

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