Dear Lillie Giveaway…

Well, I have seen a lot of blogs make a post on Dear Lillie’s giveaway…but I thought I would also jump in.
A while back I was sharing with you how I met some great people through blogging and one is Jenni, who runs Dear Lillie. She is such a sweetie and has become a great friend who has been an excellent support in the etsy world. Her mom, Heidi is also wonderful…she made Evy’s tutu for her first birthday party. Isn’t it adorable?!:
Anyway, she is doing another fab giveaway…this time she is giving two items, a beautiful Adeliene dress to the grand prize winner and a screenprinted tee to the runner up.
Pretty cool, huh?!
Hop on over and enter, if you haven’t already…the giveaway ends on Monday! Thanks Jenni for the awesome giveaway, you guys are the best!
Click HERE.
Don’t forget to enter in Evy’s Tree giveaway of a beauitful Lacey Zip Up
You can enter the giveaway by clicking HERE

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