Should I Say Something?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all”?
Well, that’s kinda how I’ve been feeling the last week. I have kept quiet because I have been a little frustrated with life, myself, and really anything else, for that matter.
But you know, shame on me.
Sometimes its just so easy to get so caught up in life. I talk a lot about life on this blog. The highs and lows, the ups and downs. It’s life isn’t it?
But its not that bad…it could be worse. A whole lot worse.
I mean what’s a…
broken tooth
an expensive crown
a child who poops under your moms VERY expensive dining room table {true story}
a lost Blackberry {again, true}
a spoiled load of every white undershirt your husband owns thanks to a bright green hankie that snuck in
lack of money
broken drinking glasses and bloody baby feet {Evelyn}
a fight with your husband
{yes, this all happened last week}
compared to…
spiritual loss
To whoever reads this blog…
this blog chronicles my life for my children and for anyone else who is interested. An online journal, so to speak. Its not pretty all the time. Its gets ugly over here. We cry, we hurt, we have loss. But we are BLESSED. Don’t ever forget to take time out and remember that…
I hope, somewhere between the lines, that you get ME. You know, who I am, what I stand for. That is really hard to do with a blog. You just seem to forget that bloggers are human. They seem “super human”, you know? But if you want to know who I really am, please understand, before anything else…I amno perfect, but I am a child of God. I love the Lord with all my heart. When I was 16 He did an amazing thing in my life, I would love to tell you about it if you ever wanted to know. I will never be the same.
And then He brought such beautiful people into my life. And they filled my life with blessings. Friends, acquaintances…many of you who I have met while blogging…God brought you into my life.
And He gave me a beautiful family.
I tell them all the time, but I don’t seem to ever tell them enough.
They are my life.
So fellow blog friends…be encouraged. It’s so easy to look around and think that everyone has it better than you. But that’s not always the case. Just remember that a bad week = opportunity to remember how much worse it could get. It means get your boxing gloves on and your Escrima sticks out. It means keep your chin up. It means blessed. We have life…
and regardless of the ups and downs that life brings…never forget
My blessings this week:
My kids playing Thomas on Saturday morning…oh boy, that brought out so many different emotions! Notice Evy creeping up from the behind to destroy the line…you can watch the chain of events….

On Friday I got to play with some flower arraigements…FUN!
Humingbirds on my very overgrown Wisteria!
I sold THIRTY hoodies/tees last week. Thank you Jesus!! I also desgined a couple new ones for kids. I am very proud of them. Big blessing to be able to do this in my own home.
Jessica, the very talented designer behinded Joyfolie named a shoe after my Evy girl…you can read more about it HERE. HONORED!!
BTW…she is having a shoe sale tonight at 9 PM CST…check out her facebook page for more info.

And lastly, a little video from our music conference our church hosts yearly, To The Chief Musician. It’s of actstwenty9’s former worship leader Kris Seibold and his wife Kate. Such an uplifting short little song. Makes you remember…we are blessed!

Happy Monday to you all!

Oh yes, PS…Jake is potty trained! More about that later! whohoo!

Mini Simple Hoodie and Mini Candy Stripe Brilla

Well, I have to be honest…
this has been quite the FRUSTRATING week. The short version:
Went to the dentist for a toothache on Monday, had a cracked tooth and one VERY expensive crown put on…
Jake seemed to momentarily forget all our potty training success {although we found it again, thank God}…
Lost my Blackberry on Wednesday night- been walking around directionless ever since…
My husband put a stupid BRIGHT GREEN hankie in the laundry pile and it somehow managed to find its way into the load of WHITES…
Anyway, by yesterday I had decided I had had enough. I took matters into my own hands by first spending some quiet time with my Creator and then took all that wonderful energy He blessed me with and created.
Here’s what I came up with….
*I made a mistake on facebook and put down the price as $34.50! YIKES! So I will honor that price for today only and only on the powder pink hoodie, then tomorrow it will go back up to $39.50
This is a darling and simple hoodie. Will really truly go with everything! A little mini version of my adult Simple Hoodie…which is still on sale until tomorrow, BTW! 🙂
Anyway, back to the Mini Simple…I have the following sizes:
6-12 mths
12-18 mths
and I only have ONE hoodie per size available today. I also have several mini black hoodies, as size 3-6 mths, 2, 4, 6 that I could also do this hoodie in. If you are interested, feel free to comment or send me an email. Also, I hope to do this hoodie in navy, chocolate brown and white in the very near future. Again, if that is something you might be interested in, please let me know.
I also want to mention that the tutu is from Dear Lillie, seriously the BEST tutu I have EVER seen. Trust me, you must go over and order one, your little girl will love it and you will love that they are so reasonably priced!
The second hoodie I created was actually a custom order for a special customer, but it turned out so cute I thought I would offer a few in the store:
Darling black and fuschia stripe jersey knit with a black polka dot jersey double ruffle that lines the hood and pockets. It’s finished with a floppy black and fuschia felt and jersey flower.
I have sizes 3-6 mths, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. I am also thinking about listing an adult version of this hoodie. Anyone interested?
Well, that’s it for my therapeutic creating. It felt good. 🙂
I will be listing these hoodies in my Etsy shop at 1:30 PM, PST.
Oh yes….the photos…since I had such a headache of a week, my little photo shoot insisted on following suit. I had grand plans last night while sewing to do this cute little themed set, the tutu, the gold vintage table, roses from my back yard, etc. But when I woke up this morning THERE WAS NO SUN!! Just a bunch of clouds{of course there’s ton of sun now, FIGURES}. Normally I would be rejoicing over this as our summers here are straight from the devil himself, but I wanted the pictures to turn out really bright and cheery, not dull.  I think they turned out ok, but sun would have been a little helpful.
And then to top it off, my kids kept insisting on adding more toys to the already crowded toy corner. I can’t tell you how many times I put those toys back in the bag and then Jake would come over and dump it out again…GRRRRRRR!
Life as we know it here at the Miraflors. 🙂
Lastly, I have one Mini Simple Hoodie that didn’t make the cut last night. The ruffles are SLIGHTLY off as you can see from this picture:
Maybe not that noticeable to you, but extremely noticable to me, so its on sale. It’s an 18-24 mths and is $29.50. If you want it, go ahead and click on the paypal link below. If it doesn’t sell today, I’ll keep it for Evy. 🙂

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Cleaning House

Today I got REALLY tired of have BINS and BINS full of hoodies stashed throughout my house. So I decided to put a bunch of hoodies on clearance to make way for newer hoodies.
Some of the hoodies are perfectly fine, are ready to ship tomorrow and have nothing wrong with them like these:
One of my original hoodies. This one is made with American Apparel 100% cotton hoodie. I will not be making this style again. I have Med-XL available.
I just adore this hoodie. I wear mine all the time. Have L and XL available.
My last one. I have run out red material, so might be it for the Kate. Size Medium.
Runs true to size, maybe even a tad bigger. Have one left.
Have three of these in kids size small {4/5}
Have two of these, kids size Medium {6ish}
And then some the hoodies have imperfections, as they were the first hoodies done by my seamstress….
The Grey Brilla
I have two of these, Med and Large and the thread inside of the hood is *slightly* showing. Its barely noticeable, but not perfect. This price is WITHOUT the brooch. If you want the brooch, the price would be $44.50.
This is a size 6 and has a slight imperfection…the green thread is showing through just barely on the hood, as seen in this picture.
Hope you find something you like! Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

Simple Hoodie Sale!

Well, I’ve been playing with my prices.
You see, I am a stay at home mom. That means, unless my mom takes me shopping, I don’t buy clothes.
Unless, its Target of course, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.
So I understand the whole “every penny counts” issue.
When I created the Simple Hoodie, I did it because I had one just like it, but in navy, from Anthro that I LOVED. I loved it so much that I wore it through my entire pregnancy with Evy. You can imagine what it looks like now. 😦  Anyway, I wanted to create a new one for me to wear…and I have a lot of grey summer clothes, so the grey seemed right, but it also seemed right in black, navy, red, pink…well you get the point.
Yesterday, I had a local girl call me and order THREE of them…I am very well aware that they are so cute and functional. Perfect for everything and anything.
Back to the price….
I want my customers to be able to afford to get several…a white, black, navy, etc. So I lowered the price. This is going to be tough for me as {this might come as a surprise to you}, I don’t really make that much off each hoodie, especially once I pay my seamstress. BUT…if people are going to order several at a time, then it will be ok on my end. 🙂
For this week only, June 21-26, the price will be $49.50.
We will see how this goes. If I sell a lot, I will keep it at this price. But if not, then I’ll have to go back to the $54.50…after all, you want me to stay in business, right? 🙂
And oh yes, I can do Plus Sizes in most of the colors, and I am toying with doing a mini hoodie as well. If you are interested in either of those, let me know.
To order, click HERE.
As for me, I am off to the Dentist today. 😦 Say a prayer for me as I have a toothache. UGH. How much is this going to cost me?!?

Happy Father's Day!

When you’re a kid, or at least when I was a kid, I don’t think you really realize how blessed you really are. I think it takes some years, some experience and some people skills to be able to look back and say, “It might not have been perfect, but it was good!”
I have some wonderful memories of my childhood especially during the summer…our lake house on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, all day boat trips and picnics, swimming, learning how to ski, BBQ’s on the pier. All wonderful memories.
And they would never have happened if it weren’t for this man:
That’s my dad…he is currently in Paris with my brother, Brad, who lives in London. I asked Brad to send me a picture of him and this is what I got.
Anyway, my dad always worked very hard to take care of our family and he did so above and beyond what was status quo. He is a good dad and has always been there for my family. I was blessed to have him as a dad.
And then, about 3 and 1/2 years ago, something very special happened to man of my dreams.
He became a father. And then it happened again one year ago…
And I can honestly say, he is the best father ever! When other mom’s complain about their husband’s lack of attentiveness to the kids and their needs, I have nothing to say. Honestly, sometimes I think he is a better parent than me!! 😦
So thank you Dad, for being such a wonderful father to me and a great Gramps to my kids.
And thank you Brandon, for being the best father on the planet. Thank you for loving us like there is no tomorrow and thank you for putting us first before anything. You truely know how to make our lives so special.
I love you both and I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Black Brilla on Sale

I have one Black Brilla with black polka dots on sale in the shop.
It is an X-LARGE and is $34.50 {regular price is $59.50}
It has a couple of slight imperfections. First the ruffles are *just barely* off
And the thread inside of the hood was done is dark navy blue instead of black, however you can hardly notice. I tried to take pictures of it, but it didn’t even show up.
If you are interested, click HERE.

Back At It

Well, the little shop is open again.
And I hate to tell you, but I lied. Not intentionally, but I did none the less. I told you I would have two hoodies, but I only was able to finish and photograph one. And the mini tee never made it either.
Oh well. I’m potty training…so there’s my excuse. ha.
What did make it was this:
Beautiful and breathtaking. American Apparel organic natural colored jersey tee embellished with organza, velvet ribbons, rosettes and a pearl and champagne beaded chain.
This tee is so pretty that it will ALMOST make you forget that it needs to be hand washed. 😦 Sorry. But trust me, its soo pretty , you will want it.

And my newest hoodie:
The perfect hoodie! 100% Cotton and meant to go with everything and anything, this hoodie has two 2 1/2″ ruffles running down the front of the hoodie, with the rest of it left plain.
I created this hoodie to mimic one of my VERY fave hoodies I got several years ago from Anthro. I tweaked it though…I have been wanting a casual grey hoodie to wear with my summer stuff, so went with the grey. Also, my Anthro hoodie’s ruffles were about an inch smaller and they would stick up when I washed it, so I decided to sew down the tops and make it a little bigger so that would be avoided.
But here’s the cool part…
I can make this hoodie in almost every color!! And in every size XS-XXL! The colors I have available now are black, grey, white, chocolate brown, powder pink, red, and navy. If you are looking for a particular color, please feel free to contact me.
And I added my fave JCrew purse and Stuart Wiezmann heels with it. It’s kinda how I see this worn. 🙂
Well, that’s it for now. I am super tired. It’s been a very long day. Thank God for Jasmine, who came and helped me organize my life again.
And several of you have asked how potty training is going….and its going FAB, thank the Lord. We had one accident today! yippe!! I think he is getting it. I’m hoping to stay in the house for a couple more days to really seal the deal. I will keep you all posted.