Puppies Puppies Puppies!

You might remember this post about my sister’s golden retriever, Bella, giving birth to THIRTEEN puppies! WOW! Just the thought of it stresses me out.
Seriously though, if you know my sister, you would know that instead of a stress, this would be a joy- because she accomplishes SO much in her day and she could have literally had a dozen kids and be happy. Pammy is the most loving and kind person out there.
So for months now she has dealt with having a whelping pen in place of where her beautiful new dining room table used to sit, and her table now has a temporary home in her backyard. She is amazing.
Anyway, when Bella had that many puppies, she was a little worried about how they would find homes for them all. So she had some pictures made….
And my sister created a blog so you can find out more information about them
And now she only has two puppies left, a boy and a girl!

If you are interested, feel free to visit their blog…all my sister’s contact info is on there.
And all these beautiful pictures were taken by Emily of ES Photography. Emily is a friend of my nephew Brandon…a young, teenage, up and coming photographer. Isn’t she fab? She does lif
estyle and family portraits as well. Feel free to give her a call if you need some good pictures!
Emily Semans
ES Photography
(707) 535-9664

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