Thank God

Summer is here and my life is right again. I have a bunch of wonderful teen-aged helpers knocking at my door at all times asking what they can do. And almost all of them possess that one very important trait that I seem to be lacking the past ….oh…5 years or so.
The above was delicately placed just so by Jasmine. She is the best ever. Seriously, does ANYONE out there do this with their sippy cups? I’m shocked she could find that many to wash! Usually they are hidden throughout the house and only come out of hiding when the milk is ready to explode inside the bottle.
Anyway, I have to say…one of the biggest perks of being a youth pastor is the summertime. Spending time with these teens just makes life so much more sweeter…and innocent too. It makes you remember why you became a youth pastor in the first place. I know its not for everyone, but trust me, if you are “called” to work with teens, you know what I mean. They make life right.
So HELLLOOO summer!!
PS…please, pray for our youth group next week. We are heading up to the mountains for our annual church youth camp. 150 kids usually attend. Pray that God meets us there and that every student is spiritually renewed. And pray for the counselors…’cause no counselor ever sleeps at camp! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

8 thoughts on “Thank God

  1. Hey, I need that kind of help! ;o) Any of those sweet, organized girls wanna come help a mama in Chicagoland? lol What a blessing for you, Amy!

  2. Awww!!! I hope everything goes well for you all next week. Some of my best times and memories were spent with my church youth group growing up. Mr Larsen and his wife were so kind to us and giving of their time. I am sure everyone you work with will remember you all forever too! I grew up in a very unhealthy family and I credit spending time with our church and youth group for keeping me out of trouble and making good choices as a teen vs making bad choices which could have been so easy to do when the home life is not so good.Hugs Jenn

  3. I need Jasmine to come to my house. ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying, that you will have a wonderful week at camp Amy! Praying the counselors may actually find a little time to sleep. xo

  4. Aww…I love Jasmine, she is just the sweetest. I think it may be time to just give her a room so she can move in ;)We will be praying for all of the leaders and students next week. Youth camp can be so exhausting yet so rewarding.

  5. I experienced church camp as a mom and arts and crafts counselor, but boy, my kids have the fondest, life changing memories. Blessings to all the counselors for those sleepless nights.

  6. Where do all of the sippy cups hide? I can never find any of Lillie's and we own a ton of them! PLEASE send Jasmine my way! Haha!

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