Let's Do This

I have a recuring vision that I renact in my mind over and over. I have this vision at many times in my life…and they are all times of:
Yes. I have stress. I am, by nature, a very intense person. I know, surprise, surprise. I attack life with a vengance at times. And as you can imagine, that can be stressful.
Anyway, my vision.
Have you ever seen “You’ve Got Mail”? You know the part where Kathleen Kelly {Meg Ryan} decides to fight Fox Books and just before she makes a big press conference, she is the back of her store boxing thin air?
Well, that is a lot like my vision. Except in mine, I am staring my “assailant” dead in the eyes, and while staring, I fit my hands up firmly with my son’s red boxing gloves. And occasionally, when I get really ticked, I grab my husband’s Escrima sticks {my father in law and husband are masters at Escrima, a Filipino marshall arts. They’ve both been doing it since childhood} and I start swinging those things around, doing the little hand twirls that my husband is so good at {and I can’t do in real life, ahem}.
And then, in my vision, I quietly say, “Let’s do this.”
So tonight, I am faced with a PILE of paperwork and very negelected bank book. Since January, when my life went a little topsy turvy, I have “*GULP* not properly balanced my checkbook. I have all my payments on automatic payment, but normally I put them all into Excel and balance them out- that’s what properly means to me. Well, here it is JUNE and I have yet to start my Excel sheet for the year. I check my bank account several times a week, but without my Excel worksheet I have no idea if things are going out or coming in properly….and apparently they aren’t because I just realized yesterday I paid my visa TWICE last month.
I cried. Because we don’t have that kind of money to waste. And this month we are paying for it.
So please pray for me. I am not stupid when it comes to money. But I was already slacking majorly with it when kids came along almost four years ago and now with the hoodies slapped ontop of it…well, I seriously feel like I could pull my hair out{and feel like a bit of a failure as well}. And don’t even think about Brandon doing it. He’s a tightwad for sure, but has MAJOR Form-a-phobia {yes, its a real phobia, trust me} and gets a glazed over look when he comes within 20 feet of paperwork.
Besides, a Proverbs 31 woman “…carefully watches everything in her household.” {vs 27}
So here I am. Paperwork, bank statements, Quickbooks…
Let’s do this.
Oh yeah, here’s my theme song. TobyMac, of course. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Let's Do This

  1. Amy ~We've been there before :o) Can I offer a couple of thoughts?We were able to build a great mental framework (with a Biblical worldview) after reading Howard Dayton's book "Your Money Map." He is with Crown Financial Ministries and has a gift for explaining these things.Dave Ramsey also has lots of good info.Finally, Mvelopes.com is a great financial program online, based on the envelope system. It's easier that using Excel, especially when you are form-phobic:o) It links to your bank account, and your transactions pop up in your screen all on their own… you just click on each transaction and drag it to the appropriate folder (ie, groceries, or health insurance) and you are done :o)My site has an advertisement for Mveopes in the sidebar. If you sign up for the free trial I'll get credit for it. We've used it for FOUR YEARS and I highly recommend it!Hope that helps. We became certified instructors with Crown Financial Ministries about a year and a half ago, so I obviously think they are wonderful!!! Really, I do!We are also using their materials to teach budgeting classes in the community where we are planting our church.xoxo

  2. Thank you Jamie!! I actually meant to ask if anyone had any good accounting software packages, but I got so carried away with my pep talk to myself that I forgot!!I use Quickbooks for our business{which I am amazingly stellar at managing the business finances? Crazy, huh?!} and that works great, and I was going to open another "business" for family, but mveopes looks MUCH BETTER! Thanks so much, I doing a free trial period, through your site, hopefully you'll get credit.We are actually watching Dave Ramsey videos now. Very good. We already subscribe to a lot of his principals, except we tried the envelope system when we first got married and WE CAN'T DO IT!! Seriously, it was horrible. We both lost our envelopes several times, lost cash, lost receipts. sounds like mvelopes will cure that. :)Praying for you guys in your new church plant. Sounds like you have a lot to offer the community!xoxo

  3. Hi Amy,We use the envelope system (Dave Ramsey) and LOVE it! It takes a bit to get used to, but once you do you'll never want to use your atm/debit card again. Good luck w/ all this! I know God will bless your efforts! xoxoNikki

  4. Ick! Sorry, Amy! I am jealous that you are caught up on quickbooks – I won't even tell you how far behind I am right now!

  5. Wow – I understand. I hate money matters. Arg! And I'm definitely more like Brandon – me within 20 feet of paperwork = near panick attack. You know what's funny though? I worked as the Bookkeeper for a financial planning company for 2 years. hahahahaha!!!! Going to work every day was horrific to say the least. I'll have to check out Mvelopes.com. Thanks for the fyi 🙂

  6. Awww, I wish I were closer and I would totally help you set-up a great system! I've worked with so many people that have panic attacks at the sight of dollar signs/excel spreadsheets, etc. and subscribe to the thought that-as long as they still have checks in their checkbook, they still should have money, right? :)Let me know if you need any help! Often times the initial effort to get a good system in place takes a bit of time but then after that it should require minimal upkeep!

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