The White Lacey Zip Up

If you know me well, you know that I have a love affair with WHITE.
White is definitely amongst “a few of my favorite things”…
About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic and her minimalist way of decorating with old vintage items, drippy chandeliers, simplistic white slip covers, squashy sofas and wonky tables and chairs. Ever since, I have been addicted.
Although I have not been able to do everything I want to my house to make it 100% “Shabbified”, I do have the white slip covered, squashy sofas and lots of wonky furniture to go with it. Rachel also encourages a lot of a couple other things I really love: roses and candles.
Again, if you know me well, you would know that I would make my family eat Top Ramen for a week just so I could purchase a couple Trapp Candles and make the house smell “like a boutique”, as our friend Josh once told us it smells like.
Yes, I am a loser, I know, so shoot me.
Anyway, summer time ALWAYS make me love my decorating philosphy more, especially since my roses are in full bloom and white is the color of choice for those hot summer days out at the pool or beach.
So since I am in full “Rachel Ashwell” swing, I decided to make my Lacey Zip Up in white…

Oh yes, I forgot to mention…one of my other “favorite things” are bistro sets. I have three and would buy a dozen more if my husband would let me. 🙂 This set above is my very first one I ever bought. The table is lopsided {or “wonky” as Rachel would say} and the chairs used to be oh so darling and rusty, but my dad came over one day and decided to paint them GREEN{?!?} for me. Yeah, they all had to be redone, so I am waiting for the rusty, crusty look to return someday….
The White Lacey Zip is completely white… lace and knit ruffles cascading down the shoulder…just how I envisioned it should be for an afternoon tea in the garden. And the roses below are the most incredible roses ever…they are called “Evelyn” and smell HEAVENLY. Part of the reason why I gave my daughter that name.

The White Lacey Zip Up will be available tomorrow sometime in sizes S-XL and Plus Size XL & XXL.

I am also going to do a mini version of the Lacey Zip Up this week as well…will keep you posted.
And if you would like to read a very long post about how I met Rachel in person, you can click HERE.
Lastly, my family at church on the fourth…
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Thank God for our freedom…and thank God for those who fight for it!

6 thoughts on “The White Lacey Zip Up

  1. My husband would only let me have a shabby-chic bathroom filled with roses, ruffles and a lot of white. Such a beautiful family, great picture of you all together.

  2. Ok! I am burning with envy right now for a couple of reasons!!! {a good kind of envy} 1. LOVE those roses!!! Where did you get those?!?!? Are they David Austen roses!!!2.You got to meet Rachel3.LOVE that white hoodie {hmmmm…}4.WANT and MUST have a bistro set for my patio!! Especially with some french bistro chairs that I can't find any where!??!! Grrr! Not even ebay!It's funny cause while we were out of town I went to 4-5 Antique places looking for a bistro set or part of a set that I could build off of later and found nothing! Boo! This setting is FABULOUS Amy!! You're getting better and better!!

  3. LOVE that family picture! You guys are just so darling! Loving how you are displaying/showing us your merchandise! The little displays are so pretty and inviting! Great job!

  4. Oh, I love that white hoodie…you made a hoodie look truly beautiful and chic. I also love the whole look of your picture, every detail is perfect.

  5. LOVE shabby chic…and wish I had a shabby chic house. Love this new hoodie Amy!! I agree with Prencie, you just keep getting better & better with your pictures and displays…not only do I want the hoodie, but the bistro set, and the roses as well. 🙂 xo

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