Happy Freedom Day…a little late!

Well, I’m a little behind.
Not intentionally, but I went to my parent’s on Tuesday and Wednesday to get my permanent crown {yuck} and of course I just have missed my Fourth of July post! 😦
So here it is:
Happy Fourth of July!! I hope you all enjoy{ed} your day and I hope that you cherished your freedom and thanked God for the wonderful country that we live in. Which brings me to my title of this post…
On Sunday when we arrived to church, Pastor Tony Somsack, our associate pastor over the Asian/Mong community, walked up to my husband, shook his hand and said with a big smile, “Happy Freedom Day!” It brought tears to my eyes, as I realized, this wasn’t just a day to Pastor Somsack, this “freedom day” meant the world to him. You see when he was a little boy, he and his family walked in the jungle for 7 days from Loatia to an American refuge camp in Thailand to escape the communists and a death sentence they had placed on his family. They had one pair of shoes and they all shared them…by the time they reached their destination, their feet were a bloody mess. The Americans transported his family to here in Stockton and helped them set up a life of “freedom”. He will tell you that freedom never tasted so sweet.
It was such a beautiful thought…the 4th isn’t just about fireworks, or your BBQ, or what American Flag tee you are wearing- it’s about freedom. And I am so thankful for it. So here’s a few pictures of our “Freedom Day” {and weekend, haha}
Saturday night at the Sillimons with The Lee’s, Abraham, Brian doing fireworks in the street…
Sunday morning at church
Waiting for the fireworks to start at Lodi Lake…
AND….because all of my fb friends told me too…
on Monday morning I was working on some things on my computer and all of a sudden it got really quite. Brandon and I called out to Jake and asked him what he was doing and his response was…
“I’m helping mommy sew some hoodies.”
We ran out to my little factory and there was Jake, still in his PJ’s, with my pinking shears and a half chopped off sleeve on a FINISHED and waiting to SHIP hoodie. 😦 UGH.
Here’s the little stinker

8 thoughts on “Happy Freedom Day…a little late!

  1. Amy, LOVE this post!! I just posted my 4th celebrations today also. (This has been a crazy week & my camera refused to download). Your family picture from church is beautiful. Your 4th looked amazing…..& JAKE!!! Love that boy, helping his mommy "fix" her hoodies. LOL. I am sorry to laugh, but it is so sweet and funny at the same time. He is too cute to get mad at too. xoxo

  2. Uh-oh. So hard to stay upset at that adorable little face!Love the pictures of the 4th…gorgeous family.

  3. Girl, your so good! I would have been calling my little boy more than just a stinker!lol! Sometimes Princeton tries to "help" it's cute and frustrating at the same time! I'm glad you guys had a great 4rth of July! Love the pic of your family in Sunday morning:) Too cute!

  4. a girl after my own heart, grabbing the camera after such a HUGE mistake was clearly made! i love it! exactly what i would have done! i am sure that you probably weren't happy about it happening at that very moment, but, makes for a good story when he is older!looks like you guys had an amazing 4th of july is well. i loved your freedom story. reminded me of the book "kite runner" that i just finished about a month ago. beautiful.love the family picture – you guys are simply gorgeous!

  5. AWWW! I have tears in my eyes!!!!!My Dad fought in the Vietnam War and it has caused such pain for many reasons to our family for how it affected my father. Just a few years ago my Dad kept coming home with egg rolls etc from work and we were like Dad where are these coming from and he told us how this man from Vietanam the same age as him is constantly thanking him for what he did in Vietnam. He had a similiar story that if he had not escaped his family would have been killed by the North Vietcong…. I really think it brought a peice to my Dad…. we tend to as Americans take our rights and freedoms for granted!!! Your son really is too sweet by the way. I am sure that will make it into his baby book!

  6. Great blog! I can't post comments as often b/c our computer is in the shop and I have to sneak onto my hubby's work laptop here and there 🙂 Anyway love the pics of the hoodie accident. Lord have mercy. At least it wasn't Evy's hair (yet).

  7. oh no! I'm sorry about that lovely hoodie, but like someone else said, it's hard to stay mad at that face! I love your pics, looks like you guys had a great time! ♥

  8. Haven't visited your blog in a while but am loving it! Love the banner–photos are amazing. Your hoodies are gorgeous! Love them– and your little guy with the pinking shears– oh dear– at least it wasn't a rotary cutter?!?! Love him too! So cute.

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