Some Sale Items

Just a couple things in the shop needing a loving home…
The Mini Grey Brilla
Runs big. One of my favorite hoodies. Does not come with an Evy’s Tree tag and is a final sale. Polyester blend grey hoodie.


The Mini Rubix
18-24 mths
I LOVE THIS HOODIE. I wish it fit Jake as I cannot find anymore orange hoodies like this. Runs big, poly blend orange hoodie, again, no Evy’s Tree tag.

Green Whimsy
One of a kind and so darling. Mossimo hoodie, ployester blend, no Evy’s Tree tag.


And a big thank you to my friend SoShawna. She wrote me on fb this morning and told me about a dream she had last night about a hoodie I designed by the name of “Maggie”. She thought it was so real that when she woke up, she went to my shop to see if it was there.

The thing she didn’t know is just yesterday, I decided to do a navy blue hoodie designed after my Maggie Tee called… “The Maggie Hoodie’. Definitely a divine dream for sure.

Thank you Lord and SoShawna for sharing that dream with me, as it has been soooo slow in the shop this past week, I’ve been wondering if I should call it quits. I believe that was a little bit of encouragement sent from Heaven.

Isn’t the Lord WONDERFUL?!?

I hope you all have a fabulous day!


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