I Haven't Blogged About Potty Training Because….

Everytime I start to something like this happens…
**WARNING: Graphic Content below, proceed at your own risk**
Yup, that’s my son, with poop everywhere. I can’t quite figure out how it happened, although since I found him in the kitchen with a cup full of water trying to clean everything off, I figure it went something like this…
Jake poops in this spot, and realizing he didn’t make it to the bathroom on time, he takes his pants off, the poop falls on the floor, Jake steps in it and/or tries to pick it up.
The marks on the wall must be from his effort pick it up and make it to the sink…which he obviously missed by this picture….

But he did manage to somehow get his very poopy PJ pants {and a giant chunk of poop, I later found out} in the sink with the freshly soaking sippy cups

It was right around this time that I found Jake frantically dumping water all over the poop in the kitchen, trying to cover it all up, bless his heart. He did have a little fun though, you will notice the piece of cereal he placed “just so” on a dab of poop…
Perhaps he felt like the cereal hid the poop?
I’m super surprised by all this, because, Jake is actually doing awesome with the potty, don’t know where this little hiccup came from?  Anyway, as you can imagine, I am in no mood to discuss my potty training techniques with you. Maybe next time. *SIGH*
On to more exciting things….
Tuesday night marked Emma Love’s {Jake’s girlfriend} birthday party. She turned 4…yes, Jake is dating an older woman, surprise, surprise! Anyway, the theme was Tinkerbell and anything that kinda looked like it arrived, like Jake the knight with his horse and wearing a police hat {don’t ask}…and Tinkerbell, er Emma swinging away at the Pinata.
Love these two of my mom and Evy
And I have a question for my rose friends…is ANYONE getting any blooms this year, or is it just that my Dad chopped off all my buds? I’m hardly getting anything this summer. So shocked. But I did get this beautiful flush from my second fave rose bush, Bella Roma {Evelyn is my FAVE rose}. They smell sooo good. Sorry, I have to admit I’m a practical rosarian…the rose might be pretty but if it smells horrible or is smell-less all together, its useless in my book.
That could be a message, huh? HA
Anyway, here’s Bella Roma in an adorable little jug that Brandon brought back from a thrift store in Sonora when he preached at a camp there this week. It’s darling! I LOVE it!
And I have a little secret to tell you.
I LOVE Williams Sonoma hand soap and lotion {or really anything at
that store}…but their soap is $12 a bottle! The other day I was at Target {I know big surprise!} and I found Method had a giant bottle soap refill, Grapefruit scent, for $12!! So I snagged it and I swear, Williams Sonoma and Method are using the same scent…huge saving though!
Here’s a picture of my lovely hand soap, just for fun, haha.
And in closing, I am switching all my old blogger info over from one email to another and somehow I lost ALL my subscriptions, so I’ve been quite absent in the blog world and reading all your blogs. I’m so sorry…I miss my friends! I am resubscribing to all my blogs slowly but surely and wow, that’s a job! So hang in there with me!
Much love to you all…

11 thoughts on “I Haven't Blogged About Potty Training Because….

  1. WOW. I don't even want to think about what that was like to clean up!!! Yikes…not looking forward to that stage. Your roses are amazing!!!! I agree about the roses having to smell good part. When I was at CLC I used to walk around the block and I swear I'd stop to smell every single rose bush (and there were lots in that neighborhood!) I was so irritated with the ones that didn't smell!

  2. OH MY STINKIN' WORD!!! This post is full of such grossness AND beauty. I am so sorry, but I laughed out loud at this. Oh, have so been there. Feeling your pain, dear woman.

  3. Haha!! That is funny, you started with something stinky and ended with something divine:)I have to say, this tops anything I've had to deal with! Looks like you've got your hands full!!!;) Good luck!!Love your roses {at least you've got some!} and the jug! Your hubbys got good taste:)LOVE that pink grapefruit scent from Target!!! I've caught people smelling their hands at my house after washing them:) I do the same, lol!

  4. Oh my goodness, JAKE!!! You crazy mad pooper you. Amy, I can only imagine how much fun that was to clean up. EEK! Never a dull moment in the potty training world. I had a few moments with Harrison that made me want to pull my hair out. It will all be over soon & you can look back at these pictures and laugh……someday. :)I can just smell your amazing roses through the screen, and the ceramic vase that Brandon bought you is gorgeous. xo

  5. I cannot BELIEVE you put those pics up of Jake's little bare butt! And the poop! AAAHHHHHH so horrible. Somehow I've NEVER had these sort of poop disasters THANK GOD for His mercy 🙂

  6. OH NO AMY!!! I thought I had a rough day b/c Isabella dumped red fruit punch crystal light all over and when the boys added water it stained EVERYTHING (bodies, clothes, rugs, towels) bright red!! Wow! God says he won't put on us more than we can bear..pretty sure I couldn't bear that. lolThat pic of Evy and your mom is gorgeous!! Sending you hugs for the day you had!! You deserve a spa day girl!

  7. Oh dear! I guess you could say the poop hit the fan! Your potty training days will be over before you know it- I promise. So enjoy them if you can….

  8. bwahhhhahahhhaaa! the poop, oh how i was saved from having to deal with this while potty training lola, although, i must say it has made for some hilarious pictures! i can feel your pain and frustration i think…now that i look back, i think, "it wasn't so bad", but i wasn ready to just about murder everyone in my path for about 3 days! ha!and yes, starting with something so gross at the beginning and ending with the smell good cracks me up! you are so random, LOVE IT!

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