The Bordeaux Brilla

I have a new collection of hoodies this fall. They are called “The Candy Collection”. You actually, if you follow me on facebook, might remember the Candy Stripe Brilla.  I never got a chance to post it on the blog as it sold out immediately. It was the first of the Candy Collection.
Items in the Candy Collection are the popular Brilla design but they have a double ruffle around the entire hood and pockets and are inspired by some sort of candy.
I have to be honest, I don’t really eat candy. My husband does, so I see it often, but I don’t really ever buy it. But please tell me who DOESN’T get excited when you walk down the candy aisle at the store? So many fun colors and so many fabulous smells!
The Bordeaux Brilla is actually inspired not by any old candy, but by my very favorite candy in the whole wide world, See’s Milk Chocolate Bordeauxs
Oh boy, there is absolutely NOTHING better than this candy, EVER!! In fact we love it so much that it was the favor at our wedding.
Anyway, this hoodie was inspired by the above candy:
And it comes in adult and mini sizes.
The adult has a nice candy sized button….
The adult is $64.50 and the mini is $44.50.
And here’s the catch…
At this time, I only have enough material to make 6 adults and 6 minis of any size.
And, because I am perfectionist…*grr*
I am selling my sample mini. It is a size two. I made it last night very late and in my exhaustion, I sewed the right front ruffle on crooked. So it is on sale here on the blog via a paypal link.

The rest of the hoodies will be available Saturday morning at 9 AM.

9 thoughts on “The Bordeaux Brilla

  1. Amy, I don't know what it is but I seem to be inspired by food or candy of some sort too. I've named a lot of my little creations after food, candy, deserts. I use to think that people may think I'm always hungry when I'm naming my product. No, I just LOVE food!!;)

  2. I love your candy collection Amy!! That 1st one is my all time favorite hoodie! Gorgeous! After seeing your chocolates pic I am craving sea salt caramels….my weakness & favorite. xo

  3. THose also are my favorite chocolates…and when I worked at Sees it sure didnt help that I got all the free samples I wanted…My favorite hoodie so far. Great job!

  4. Ah, bordeauxs are my favorite as well. YUM! Our family fights over who gets the last piece at Christmas. šŸ˜‰ This hoodie, like all the rest, is gorgeous! Love it! !

  5. Thats my favorite candy from Sees too! Every year since I was 6 or 7 my mom would let us customize a box of See's candy to order for Christmas, and I would always pick a whole box of those!!! xoxo Love you!

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