Need Some Good Birth Control?

Well, here you go….
Yes, that’s my kitchen at the end of the day courtesy of Jacob and Evelyn. In case you can’t see floor here’s an up close look….

And just to clarify I sweep the floor like 4 times a day….
Or how about this one?? This is my spare room, which houses our laundry pile, and this is the pile for the last couple days. In fact, there is about 3 more baskets at the foot of the bed that hadn’t been emptied yet. And I have to say that the majority of it is the kids stuff. My mom keeps telling me there is no way we can have that much laundry. I keep telling her that all my friend say they have a lot of laundry too…right friends??
Double Ugh.

Or having your son tell you that he made a the letter “C” with his poop.

{Brandon wants me to link this post with the above picture. Why he wants to subject you to more poop I have no idea, but he feels that if the above picture was not birth control enough, then the other post will be. ha.}
So when people ask me if I’m going to have more kids, all the above rush before my mind and that alone makes me think TWICE. 
But then my friends keep having babies and they are sooo stinkin’ cute. {Congrats SoShawna!!}
Oh boy. 
Triple ugh.
And my kiddos. I could have more like them. They are the best ever. Seriously the craziest, funniest kids on the planet. Like yesterday Jake wanted to learn how to point and shoot the camera, so I showed him and a few minutes later, this is what he came up with. Without my help, mind you, he took these while I was in the other room. He laid all his “friends”out on the floor….

And lastly he snapped a picture of my new serger!! Yes, I bought a serger. I have no idea how to use it, but long story short, Evy’s Tree might be progressing into making hoodies from scratch over the next year or so, which means I’ll have to learn.
Oh boy. 
Another good form of birth control…all that work down the road.
And ok, before I get lots of mean messages and comments from all my friends who think, “You’ll regret it later if you don’t have more” blah blah…..
I want to leave a disclaimer:
I still have not decided if we’re having more. I’m just simply pointing out the things that make me double think it all, so don’t worry. Double thinking is never bad.
And of course I’m acting as a public service to the rest of general society who can’t afford birth control.
Happy Sunday to you all…by the way. I’m home sick with the kiddos. I’ve caught the second nasty cold for the month and seriously, I’m about to pull my hair out. I think I have caught every cold virus that can possibly be on the horizon. Please pray for me. The kids are also sick. Jake never really got over that cold from last month and it is back full steam. I have been in bed all day and feel HORRIBLE. My older brother Jeff, my nephew Andrew and my Dad stopped by for a few minutes this morning to pick some things up and they had to stand at least 5 feet away from me. Kinda sad. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.
Hope you all have a blessed week!
Oh ps…my next Food Friday {if I can ever get my rear in gear} will be my mom’s homemade apple pie. Please hold me to it. Thanks. ha.

3 thoughts on “Need Some Good Birth Control?

  1. I love reading your post they are always a laugh and remind me just what I have to look forward to in o say a year or so 😉 My children are 20 months and 6 months and that is birth control enough for me ! =)

  2. Oi!! eu estava navegando pelos blogs na net, e acabei aqui no seu!! muito linda a sua familia, e pelo que pude perceber voces são cristãos né?!! Eu estou criando um blog, mas ainda não está pronto! Eu também sou cristã e sou mãe de 3 meninas… e por conta delas, minha casa também fica nesta bagunça!!! Abraço!!

  3. Oh Amy, I have seriously had such a good laugh out of this blog post. I can’t tell you how much I have been laughing. I don’t have a boy (they can be a little more messy) BUT I do have the everyday, my house is NEVEr clean, and need I say anything about potty training. Uh! really I thought I was the ONLY mom that barely holds up with 2 kids….HOW DO MOMS HAVE 4 KIDS right in a row. I know I couldn’t. You really inspire me, at least help me to feel like I’m not the only one 🙂

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