…was a very interesting day. 
Don’t get me wrong there were A LOT of positives in the day, like the fact that I am losing weight {YES!!!} and that my little team and I were able to package up half of the hoodies from Black Friday, Cyber Monday and proceeding orders. Both of these things make me feel AWESOME!
As we started to get ready for church life started to go downhill. Kids started crying, refused to eat, I ate standing up because I was late, and clothes did not fit {on the kids end for once, not mine}. Here’s what happened next:
1. Loaded kids in car. Did not have a chance to make a very important phone call, and the place closed at 8. It was 6:45 and I was heading straight to church. Couldn’t fit in it now. I was very bummed.
2. Drive to church and lug a giant bag of material for one of my seamstresses who was meeting me there. Between trying to keep the kids out of the street, holding my material bag, my diaper bag, Jake’s backpack and Evy’ Blankie that she won’t leave home without, I had to stop every 2 seconds to pick something that fell.
3. Check Evy into the nursery and go find a seat in the main sanctuary with Jake.
4. Brandon finds out that he is doing something in the service which means he won’t be able to sit with me. It’s me against Jake and the service all on my own. FAB.
5. Worship starts and Jake starts pointing and laughing at people while they raise their hands, worship and sing. He pointed at a visitor and could not stop laughing. I promptly moved him to a couple rows away where he could sit with some of his babysitters and be occupied. I WAS DYING OF EMBARRASSMENT.
6. A group from Creed {college ministry} sang a beautiful song about the blood of Christ washing away all our sins, and while they sang it they showed a little video presentation in the background of Jesus being crucified. It was a very beautiful video, but Jake starts freaking out. I have Eli Hernandez take him outside for a walk.
7. JUST as Pastor Bailey was getting up to start his message, Evy’s nursery number flashes on the screen. Thinking it was just a dirty diaper I grab my bag and go to change her. No. She is crying. Lots of crying. Wants to leave. We walk out and into the service, and she promptly starts screaming to get people’s attention. That’s my cue to leave and join the hallway ministry. 
8. Take the kids into the inner office area and sit on the sofas while Evy talks on the phone there in the front and Jake starts rolling knick-knacks from the table down the stairs. I’m too tired to care. Eventually Jake decides to start skipping steps and rolls down the stairs himself and lands in the fake plants to the sides of the steps. Evy starts laughing hysterically. I kinda giggle too. Seriously? What kind of kids do I have??
9. Service is getting close to being over so I take the kids for a walk in the halls. The Kings Kids {school age kids} are waiting in the halls as well to be picked up. Evy starts running in front of the line screaming and waving her hands, and hitting kids on the heads if they don’t acknowledge her. 
10. Meanwhile Jake is showing a little girl a boring picture of a building and the girl is saying, “That’s disgusting!”, making Jake VERY upset to which point he starts yelling, “Mom! She said this picture is disgusting!!” and she responds, also yelling and her voices starts to quiver too, “It is disgusting!! It is!” OH BROTHER.
11. I’m yelling at Evelyn to stop screaming while I grab Jake to put his vest on to go outside. I stop a young girl {thanks Marissa} and have her help me with my bags, my kids and get to the car. This is all happening in front of the line of students.
12. I did not notice while I was putting Jake’s vest on that his pants, which are supposed to be skinny jeans, are too big for him and keep falling off. That’s what happens when you put an already skinny kid in jeans without adjustable waists. Anyway, at this point he had run around so much that his pants were completely past his butt and he was mooning all the students with his Wall-e underwear. The kids were dying laughing. Jake was getting a little self conscious. 
13. I pull up Jake’s pants and while I am holding Evy, I attempt to help Marissa get his vest on. We are still in front of the kids. Evy reaches down and grabs Jake’s nose with a vice grip I have yet seen in her. The kids, and the teachers this time, are DYING laughing. Poor Jake. My heart went out to him. For the first time ever I saw him get embarrassed. 
14. We walk to the car and realize Brandon has the keys. Marissa waits in Brandon’s office while I try to find him. Brandon is praying with a couple who is asking to be baptized. I must wait. Kids screaming outside. I feel like screaming in the sanctuary. Dear God help me.
15. Get the kids in the car and home, bathed and in bed. I for once in my life, am in bed by 10:30. 
16. 2 am rolls around and Evy stars screaming. She screamed for an hour and half while Brandon and I ran around the house trying to give her anything that would help her. We have no idea what is wrong, figure either teeth or ears. Brandon lays on the couch while she walks around the living room throwing toys. Finally, she falls asleep.
17. We just get back to sleep and at 4:30 AM Jake jumps into bed with us.
18. 7:30 AM: “Mommy, can you please get up, I want some cereal”.
And here I am. Tired. Headache. Calling the Dr for Evy to find out why she is crying. Husband gone all day. Lots of hoodies that are staring at me.
So I am taking today off. I am doing the laundry. Cleaning the bathrooms. Picking up the house. Laughing with the kids. Sometimes when life gets too stressful you need a break and taking care of my family is my break!! 🙂
And this post is coming at you without a picture. I’m too tired find/take one. And nobody will probably read this post anyway. But as I was standing in front of the line of students in the hallway, one of the teachers said to me, “this is great material for your book.” I said, “More like a reality show!” ha. But he’s right. So there you go. You read a chapter in my book entitle
d The Adventures of The Miraflor Family.  And this chapter would be called “Wednesday Nights”. Because almost every Wednesday is like this. HA.
Hope that makes you feel better if your Wednesdays are the same!!
Oh yes, PS. I forgot to mention that while working with one of my seamstress’s yesterday I sliced my finger open with the rotary cutter and it has been bleeding like crazy. Yup, add that one to the book. ha.

6 thoughts on “Yesterday….

  1. life is like this for us at least three times a week, not with church, but with one kid going to tkd, the other to dance, me doing 3-5 photo shoots in one weekend, teaching during the week, hubs working during the week! i hear you sister!you are normal and human and that is why i love you!

  2. what a day. i have always said that i just about lose the Lord just getting READY for church…not to mention all that goes down with kids once there. hahahahope evy is feeling better and that the day "off" has helped.

  3. Wednesday nights… this week. Next week will be different. You'll see. Nothing stays the same. And somebodies read your post, and not a single nobody was in the bunch. Hang in there, Mom!

  4. Oh Amy! What a night! Haha – I laughed as I read it but oh I feel your pain!!!!!! Fortunately I only have one wild thing to deal with at the moment but come this summer I will be in trouble! At least your kids are awfully darn cute – haha!

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