Random, Christmas Picture help, and Food Friday!!

Yes, I know, it’s amazing I remembered a Food Friday. Actually, I remember it every Friday…as it whizzes on by and I never have a chance to post anything. I have several Food Friday pictures in my files, but never had the chance to blog about them. 
Life is so crazy here. I wish I didn’t have to say that all the time. But it is. I have never felt so exhausted an busy. The last time I felt this way was when I was doing my portfolio for my teaching credential, and even then can’t compare to this. 
But, it’s all good.
When Brandon and I realized I would have to go back to work, I was very heartbroken I would have to leave my kids and be stuck in a classroom all day long with no flexibility. But God has made a great little niche for me. I am able to work from home, and although I probably work longer and harder than I would teaching, I can do anything for my kiddos at the drop of a hat {well, ALMOST anything, ha} and that makes me feel like I can keep working night and day. Even when my dining room table and entry way looks like this:
Or when my living room looks like this:
Is there anyone else out there that feels this cluttered while working? I have to give a disclaimer: it does not always look like this. But after my highest selling weekend ever {65 hoodies in two days!!}, I am RUNNING to keep up. So I think I need to give myself some grace, yes? I sometimes feel like I am climbing out of a giant pile daily and just when I finish…another one plops on my lap. I spend many days saying, “I can do all things through Christ!” ha. Thank God for an amazing team. Seriously, God has blessed and definitely taken care of me. So thank you Connie, Katie, Carly, Mecarla, Jen, Bryony, Vanessa, and Kelsey. I would NEVER be able to do all this without you!!
Anyway, enough of that. Food Friday…
I’m sure if you read this blog you have heard me talk about my Nannie. I loved my Nannie. In fact, I wear her wedding ring. She was a very important person in my life, and someday when I have more time I will elaborate about her…but today I want to share her most used recipe ever. It is a total 50’s housewife meal and I’m sure all your Nannies/grandmothers have something very similar. I promise you…Nannies is YUMMO. Total comfort food. I made it tonight and will pay for it on my diet I’m sure.
Nannie’s Chicken Stroganoff
Serves 3-4 and fills one 8×8 pan. I usually double this and use a 9×13 pan. It goes fast!

1 can of Cream of Chicken soup
1/2 C Sour cream
1 C cubed cooked chicken 
{left over chicken works really well for this, and Nannie even used canned tuna at times}
2 Tb chopped parsley
2 Tb chopped pimentos
1/4 tea salt
dash pepper
2C cooked med egg noodles
1/2 C milk
Potato chips
Mix all ingredients in a bowl, pour in pan. Crumble potato chips on top. Cook @300 degrees for 30 mins until heated through. 
excuse the horrible picture, and confession: I hate the crumbled potato chips on top, but everyone else in my family loves them, so I always just leave a little off the end so I can have it plain. Ha. 
And seriously, it doesn’t look that appealing, but IT IS SOOOO GOOD!! In fact, it’s so good that it was served at many Christmas Eve dinners and at least once a week at my Nannie and Gramp’s house. My Dad can eat the entire pan in one sitting if you aren’t careful. Nannie used to always serve jello with bananas with a dollop of cool whip after we ate this. HA! If that isn’t 50’s I don’t know what is!! πŸ™‚ I promise, my Nannie was a VERY classy lady, this whole dinner scene is making her sound bad. haha. 
Anyway, moving on again…
I need help. Usually we have Christmas pictures taken every year. I think this year I might have to settle for the “oh wow, that’s a cute snapshot” picture. Mainly because of three reasons:
1. Lack of time
2. Lack of money
3. Lack of weight loss
Oh wait! Did I say that last one! Why yes I did! ha. Delete that one from your mind, even though its true and probably the #1 reason why I don’t want my picture taken…
Anyway, I have two family pictures that are somewhat decent from the last 6 months. Yes, TWO! How in the world could that be?!? I have no idea, but either Brandon or I are taking the picture or running around after a child who is refusing to be in the picture. Ha. 
So here are our options. Can you vote for me? I need a little help…
Option #1
Option #2

Or Option #3…
Break down and get pictures taken!

Any thoughts??
And one last thing…As my little team and I were working this week, we chatted about the positives and negatives about having an online business. We all agreed that the positives FAR outweigh the negatives, but one thing we really hate is we never get to meet any of you face to face. It kinda bothers me that I have no idea who some of you are!! When I started this blog I never really thought anyone would read it and when I opened my shop, I never dreamed people would actually really buy! But now, I know all these names and none of them have any faces to them! Sometimes I go somewhere and people will walk up to me, say hi, give me a hug and I think, “WHO IS THIS?!?”I usually get a, “I read your blog” or “I bought a hoodie!”I get so excited to put a face to a name!
 So why am I saying this…
I just want you to know I wish I could have the opportunity to meet you all. I wish I had a little shop with a coffee corner where you could stop in, chat, eat some cookies and drink gallons of coffee {as has been my custom lately! ha}, but right now that is not very feasible. So help me out. If I ever see you in person and act like I don’t know you, it’s probably because I never have actually met you outside of the blogging/hoodie world. PLEASE introduce yourself! And PLEASE don’t get offended if I don’t recognize you from a tiny little blog picture. They are so deceiving sometimes! ha. And if you read this blog, and never comment, please feel free! I’d love to check out your blog as well and it helps me put a face to a name.
Anyway, enough rambling for tonight. Brandon is home from Friday night prayer and my eyes are drooping shut! Don’t forget to tell me which picture you like!! πŸ™‚ 

5 thoughts on “Random, Christmas Picture help, and Food Friday!!

  1. both of those pictures are wonderful, but,i don't think you should use either of those pictures! i would use that picture of you guys at twilight (think it was from your hoodie shoot) where we really can't see your faces, but just really tells of your life – a family together, you holding evy standing next to hubs and jake was on his bike? (i think i said in that post you needed it blown up on a giant canvas in your house somewhere)! i think that would be the perfect card to send out! i know we don't see your faces, but sometimes we don't have to, it is magical and i bet you could find the perfect shutterfly picture card to put it on!by the time you schedule a shoot and get your pictures back, might be too late to get them sent out?! i dunno…good luck my friend!can't wait to pass by you on the street and see you in "real life"!

  2. I 100% agree with Jenni on the photo from the Evy's Tree photo shoot. I have thought that it would be the perfect christmas card picture since I saw it. It is so unique πŸ™‚

  3. Definitely love Option 1 but also love some of the shots Sam Hassas took for the Evy's Tree shoot. They are unique to your family whether or not you can see your faces. The pro to using family snapshots vs professional is that people actually get to share some of your life….which is the best part of getting a christmas photo! The Evy's Tree shots do that as well which is what's so wonderful about Hassas Photography…he captures the true essence of the family!!

  4. I like Option #2. Shows all of y'alls fun personalities. I wear one of my Grandmother's rings too. (I'm a ringaholic – love shiny things. A happy weakness of mine ha!)

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