Thanks to my wonderful 4 friends who actually voted {ha!}, we have made our decision on the family Christmas picture…
It goes completely against my grain to send out pictures where you can’t see us, but this picture is so amazing! I guess everyone else sees what I see in it, so it’s the winner!  {even though it was never in the running bless it’s heart!}
And look who showed up….

Little stinkers. They had been hiding on top of the recipe books and underneath a bag of cough drops. Guess they really felt their time was up as they have never hid from me like this before. So I will do them a favor and allow them to sit there, happily retired. I hope they enjoy it. They will go in the drawer tomorrow and be bid a very sad farewell.
Lastly, tonight we did a Christmas craft, but no family is allowed to see so I will post a “NO FAMILY” post hopefully tomorrow on it. 🙂 But here’s a hint….
1. PJ’s
2. Paint
3. Hair out of the way
Yes, it was messy. VERY. And it was late. EXTREMELY {like 10 PM, please don’t tell Jake’s teachers}, but we had to fit it in after church tonight. You know how that is. 
Anyway…see you soon!

5 thoughts on “Update…

  1. That photo is seriously my favourite family photo OF ALL TIME. I even made Aaron come and look at it when you first posted it. I absolutely love it.

  2. Winner! YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!Did you blow that one up on a giant canvas print yet? Seriously, needs to be hanging in your work space so that when you feel stressed out you can just look up at it and remember how lucky you are!LOVE IT!

  3. Ahhh – so sorry I missed the vote (I am up in NH so have barely been on the computer and then Lillie broke mine today so am on my parent's now) but would definitely have gone with this one too! It is such an incredible shot!!!

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