Christmas Picture Fun Giveaway Part 1

Have you gotten in on the Christmas Picture Fun? If not, scroll down and read yesterday’s post. Send your pictures to…you have until tomorrow night. So far I have enough pictures to last a couple days, so hang tight for a week of fun!
Here are the first five pictures:

Angela Rodriguez
San Bruno, CA
“This is my son Ian and I on Christmas morning at my parents house.  I am wearing the red simple limited with Mrs. Darcy brooch, which I received loads of compliments on!!”

Rachel Gonzales
Sanger, CA
Exodus’Eden in her pink polka dot brilla! It’s her favorite!”

Debbie Stone
 “…it was about a week prior to Christmas, when we first got the coat, she would not take it off! πŸ™‚ Her name Is Haley…”

Meredith Klobucnik
Frisco, TX

“It was super cold and rainy here last night but I needed something nice to wear for our Christmas Eve dinner so I was so happy to have my beautiful Grace Wrap β™₯ I paired it with this gorgeous Joyfolie brooch and I was ready to go β™₯ My year wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without all of our Evy’s Tree β™₯ Merry Christmas β™₯”

 Leslie Bunt
Hideaway, Texas 
 “I wore my Charlie Brown
to several parties, but the most speci
al was to my son’s kindergarten class
party!!! I LOVE this hoodie and it was sooooooo very festive!:) And this is the
only party I actually got a picture of myself in it!!!”

I love how all the above added a little info about their hoodies…seriously made me smile. πŸ™‚
Is one of the pictures above yours? Here’s what you can do to win:
 Promote this blog post like crazy, either through facebook, email, blogging, whatever. Get your friends to vote for you in the comments below. The person with the most votes by 11:59 PM on December 31 is the winner.
Is one of the pictures above your friend? Here’s what you can do to enter to win:
Comment below with the name of the person you are voting for. You can comment ONLY ONCE A DAY, so that is 3 chances to win right there. To increase your chances, you can do the following:
1. Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment saying you did {or are already}
2. Become a fan of Evy’s Tree on Facebook and leave a comment saying you did {or are already}. Just click on the Facebook tab above 
3. Promote this post through facebook, blogging, twitter, etc. FOR EACH ONE YOU DO YOU COMMENT BELOW, THEY COUNT FOR SEPARATE ENTRIES. You can do this daily.
Are you a complete stranger but want to get in on the fun? 
Just pick one person to vote for. You can vote today, tomorrow, or the next day, but you only get to vote  FOR ONE PERSON. So if you vote for someone today, you can’t vote for someone tomorrow. You basically befriend someone for the week. πŸ™‚ For added entries you can do all the above under the friends directions.
When everything is over, I will put all the names from the comments in a bucket and draw one. You will get a matching $40 credit to the store, just like the winner of the picture contest.
Make sense?
Oh, and no, you can’t vote for yourself…but you can vote for a friend. It’s all about friends this week people. ha.
Have fun!
Voting for this group of pictures is CLOSED

142 thoughts on “Christmas Picture Fun Giveaway Part 1

  1. forgot to add my contact info when i posted my vote earlier yesterday or wed. for exodus eden in her pink polka dot brilla:weiland18 @ gmail.comdonna

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