Vintage Photo Contest Continued…

Hi everyone, how are you? It is dreary and overcast here today, barely 70 degrees and I’m COLD. ha….sure makes for a SLLLOOOWWWW moving day, you know?

Well, all of our Fall 2013 MANUFACTURED GOODS {yes, I yelled that, I can’t believe they are here!!} have been photoed by my talented photographer brother in law. Seriously, he nailed it with these photos.

Hopefully sometime this week I will have a second to sit down and tell you in detail about the hoodies, but today I want to focus on these beautiful photos we have. First, let me tell you a bit about our models.

The above gorgeous girl you see peeking through the window there is Nora. She comes from a gorgeous family. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Here’s her mom:

That’s Tracy and her dog Winnie. Isn’t this photo amazing? Seriously, their dogs got so into our photo shoot. They would pose and pose…like they were the models. SO DARLING.

Anyway, Tracy’s house…umm…AMAZING. Not kidding. All these photos were taken someplace in her home and I kid you not, would could not have found a better place to stage these hoodies. I feel her home just makes our hoodies look good, if you know what I mean.

{Oh and did I mention that Tracy has SIX beautiful kids?!? YES! They are amazing people!}

Again, I’m not going to go into details about the hoodies, as I’m planning on doing that later via blog posts, video and a look book, but I wanted to tell you that we are carrying on the Vintage Photo contest, just now we’ll be using a daily photo from our most recent photo shoot with our new hoodies.

So not technically vintage photos…but still great photos. So share, share, share, ok?

Oh and special thanks to my darling girl models Maizy and Hannah. Her momma is the ultra creative lady from HERE. And special thanks to Clarie. She is gorgeous and a good friend of Nora’s. How’d I end up surrounded by such gorgeous people?!?

So in closing…can you help us share? Today, I’m going to have you share the same photo I put up on Instagram this morning. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Don’t forget that Preorders start July 30! 

I will go into more details about that this week as well….but I will say, I have very limited amounts of each item. So make sure you plan on getting yours then!

In the meantime, want to win $100?? Here’s how!

1. Go HERE to our facebook page and click “share” under the photo we posted on the page. Then comment under the photo that you shared it. Make sure to comment so we can add you in the drawing!

2. Tweet about this photo and make sure you @evystree so I can count your tweet in the tally.

3. Pin this photo to your pinterest board {you can even start an Evy’s Tree board if you wish!}. Please make sure you come back and comment on this post so I can include your entry in the tally {I don’t trust that all @evystree on pinterest will actually show up in the end to tally, sorry!}

4. Forward this blog post via email to your friends….come back and comment on this blog post that you did.

Yes! You can do all four things every day! :)

Have fun friends! Thank you for loving Evy’s Tree!

30 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Contest Continued…

  1. Posting to pinterest & IG; tweeting and facebook, too! Just found your blog through my IG feed. Love the colors!

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